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Please, help me remember the title!

I am very anxious to recall the name of the game. I went through all the screens in the proper section but unluckily cant find name of the game.
I have no associations in terms of its name.
It is for sure a platform game. All the action takes place in one screen (it doesn’t scroll), when you are done with your task you move up to the next level.
You control a guy whose job is to collect either hearts or diamonds (both or just one of them – cant remember ) but I am inclined to choose hearts.
Further in the game you can collect some items like jetpack, or maybe deserve to buy it – for sure at certain point you can fly using it. You can also find a hidden WARP spot to take you a couple of levels higher.
Perhaps some power ups enable you to jump higher, and complete your task sooner. Obviously there are some sort of adversaries.
I all may have to do with a girl you have to rescue (not sure).
The guy you control has short straight hair.

This is all I can tell about the game.
I will appreciate it a lot if you can suggest me the name of the game.
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Super Methane Bros ?

Rodland ?

Bombjack ?
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Old 26 January 2008, 11:07   #3
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Nice try but it is neither of them . The hero in my game is just a plain guy, not any strange-lookin figure like bombjack or any sweet animal.
Old 26 January 2008, 12:08   #4
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Danger Castle?
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Old 26 January 2008, 12:45   #5
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my money's on Beyond Dark Castle - http://hol.abime.net/100
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Old 26 January 2008, 13:02   #6
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that game have weirdest jumping ever
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Old 26 January 2008, 21:49   #7
Magno Boots
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The only game I know where a guy has to collect hearts and save the girl is Popeye..

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Old 26 January 2008, 21:50   #8
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Nope, it is not Danger Castle or Beyond Dark Castle. I remember that the action takes place outside, that is not in any building like castle, or sth. Maybe this will be some clue.
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Sorry for double posting. The last one just appeared right as I posted. I know popeye well it is not it. My hero at certain point can use jetpack to fly.
Old 06 February 2008, 01:15   #10
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Could this game be Mikie

Mikie has a normal guy collecting hearts under his girl-classmates chairs and similar. At lease collecting hearts matches your description and the non scrolling. But don't think this was a game for the Amiga, I've only seen it on C64. This is a link to info about the game: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikie

Regards, Arni.
Old 06 April 2008, 22:15   #11
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Perhaps Peter´s Quest (but that´s PD AFAIK) ?

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