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Wings (Cinemaware) on WinUAE - needs cycle-exact?

Does Wings need to run in cycle-exact mode?

I've noticed that bombing and strafing run _very_ fast (compared to what I remember on my A3000), even with 68000 non-JIT CPU set to A500 speed.

If I set to cycle-exact, it slows down a lot (too much), but I can't tell if that's because it's working correctly or if my machine (Athlon XP 1800+) is too slow to handle cycle-exact.


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Toni Wilen
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Did you disable immediate blitter when running in non-ce mode?

Your PC is too slow if CPU-meter at the bottom of window goes over 100%. (and/or sound gets crappy)
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Old 15 February 2004, 14:32   #3
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Yes, immediate blitter was/is disabled.

Sound doesn't get crappy, but running in a window, I have noticed that (when CE is on) the CPU does get very close to (and sometimes briefly touches) 100% during the bombing run. Even when it isn't, however, the clouds still seem to move with somewhat jerky movement...I'm starting to wonder if my memory is poor and that that's just how the game was. =)

Thanks much, will research more on a real Amiga as time permits and try to sort this out for myself. Was just surprised that a "relatively simple" game like Wings would require CE. Cinemaware did go all-out, though, being their last game. =)


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