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Dizzy's Excellent Adventure vs Dizzy's Excellent Adventures

So, I stumbled on a loose disk called Dizzy's Excellent Adventure (no 's' printed on the end of Adventure), but it doesn't appear to be from the 2 disk compilation Dizzy's Excellent Adventures although it has the same 2 games on it? It's a duplicated disk as all tracks show index-aligned in HxC and uses copylock for protection.

The disk doesn't say DISK 2 of 2 just DISK and the volume label is "SPELLBOUND DIZZY (AMIGA)" whereas the compilation is "SPELLBOUND (AMIGA V1.1)"

So is this a standalone release or what as it's not listed on HOL as a separate release? Maybe a misprinted disk label for the compilation hence the 1.1 version?

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OK, scouring ebay this IS from the compilation Dizzy's Excellent Adventures but must be an earlier release as the other disk has a paper label, this is the one listed on retro_pixelss:

The other thing I notice is my disk has Panic Dizzy (Dizzy Panic) and Spellbound Dizzy on the first disk yet the above paper labelled disk says that has Spellbound Dizzy and Panic Dizzy on it?

It looks like the first release was a bit of mess so maybe why there was a later release that cleared everything up:

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