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I was beginning to write "no it did not" until I checked the history and saw that it was implemented (backported from cd32load).

So the answer is yes, with same switches. I think that there's a limitation in kick 1.3 because of lack of ReadArgs. You can't select which rawkey is assigned to which button.

But on the other hand more and more .slave files were adapted to full joypad control in the meantime. I had a vision of an amiga emulated console at some point. And now this is reality with the A500 mini.
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Originally Posted by Psygore View Post
Attached the nvram src for loading/saving hiscores.
Source was cleaning up, I hope any bug has been introduced.
As I couldn't see any further discussion of this 2016 post, and because I spent quite some time implementing it my game (Turrican 2 AGA), I thought I'd post my results here.

1. Small word of warning, do not compile this file with VASMs movem optimisation! It will break the error checking.

2. Saving multiple files always resulted in NVRAM being corrupted for me. I examined the contents using WinUAE and it seems to screw up the AppTag and ItemTag. I ended up changing my code to save everything into a single file, which then worked correctly using WinUAE.

3. The naming of nv_Init_NVRAM confused me. I assumed it was something you call before any other NVRAM functions, but it actually appears to erase NVRAM completely. I added this as an option in my game if it detected there was no space to save the files.

4. Although I got it working well in WinUAE, I had someone test on a couple of real CD32s and it appeared to not work there at all. From what I could tell, every NVRAM operation just returned failure (although the Init function did wipe his memory slots - it just returned that it failed). It was hard to get solid information as to what was happening as there was a language barrier with my tester. Between this and the disc read issues I experienced, I'd had it with the CD32 and gave up.
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nvram: that's something I never even tried to implement!!

Problem with CD32 is that emulation (even if it's really excellent) is too "nice", and it gives the illusion that it will work on real hardware. But often it doesn't when you're too close to the hardware like CD read and nvm for instance.

Too many burnt CDs and lost time with that.
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