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Amiga 1200 CF Install with WHDLoad & Classic Workbench

Sorry if I have asked this on the wrong part of the site, so I'm looking for a walkthrough that a child can do, I have a basic 1200 I have workbench 3.1 on floppy disks.
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Do have the Install disk among those WB floppies? It was an extra so not included as standard with WB. You will need it to prepare the HDD.

Also, you will need a way to transfer files from the PC to the Amiga. A PCMCIA adapter with a CF card is a common way.

Alternatively you can also prepare the CF card directly on your PC using WinUAE if you have a USB card reader for CF. This is the faster way of doing it, particularly since you want to transfer large amounts of data for ClassicWB and WHDLoad installs.
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Well I could tell you the process I used, but I have found a script/application which will make the process a fair bit easier than what I went through, so I'll recommend you use that instead.

Ok, since you asked for a basic guide I'll start from the beginning:
-First you're going to need an IDE>CF adaptor, and an appropriately formatted CF card. The simplest option is to buy one pre-formatted from AmigaKit. You are also going to need some way of transferring large files to your Amiga. AmigaKit also sell PCMCIA>CF adaptors, you might want to pick one of those up also.
-Second, once the postman has delivered the adaptor/card, you're going to want to open up your A1200 with a small phillips head screwdriver. Once you've removed the top cover, locate the IDE port in the upper left section of the motherboard, just above and to the right of the PCMCIA port, and connect the adaptor+card.
-Third, power up the Amiga with no disk in the drive, but have all your workbench disks ready because the installer will need them. Follow the installer instructions.
-Fourth, download and install the DiskImageGUI and Disk Image Device packages following the installation instructions in those packages. From memory the pre-formatted Amigakit CF HD contains both LHA and Directory Opus 4, you will probably want to use Directory Opus to extract and install the packages.
-Finally download the ClassicWB package, inside the archive is a HDF file (I think it's called System.HDF, but I'm not 100% sure). Copy this file across to your Amiga, this is where a PCMCIA>CF adaptor comes in handy. Run DiskImageGUI, mount the HDF file. open the HDF in one window of Directory Opus and your internal CF System partition in the other and copy all the files from the HDF to the CF. Reboot. Then follow the usual ClassicWB install procedure (you're going to need those WB disks again) and you're done.

I know those are not the simplest instructions as they do use a bit of jargon and assume a bit of prior knowledge, but should be a nice base. Also it worth noting that if you have the technical knowledge you can probably skip step three altogether.

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Thank you both for taking your time to help me, have a great day.
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