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Issue with photon/xxxx WinUAE Toolchain

Hi all,

so I decided to try and actually do something again and came across photon/scoopex's tutorials on youtube, im trying to draw a rasterline as per tutorial 2 but I end up with something that doesn't look right:

Now I've actually deviated from the path in the tutorial because I couldn't get ASMOne to work properly (1.02 from coppershade.org) and opted to use the toolchain and cross compile (http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=58703) and basically removed a ton of code from source/main.asm and replaced it with my own. (http://pastie.org/8601187)

Wondered if anyone could offer any insight as to why I'm not ending up with just a nice clean line?
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edit: fixed.

	cmp.b #$ac,$dff006
	bne waitras1
	move.w #$fff,$dff180
	cmp.b #$ac,$dff006
	beq waitras2
	move.w #$126,$dff180
^ fixed.
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Good solution (usual solution, wastes 1 scanline of rastertime). But this is why I always say to tick "Cycle Exact" box else WinUAE runs as fast as possible and now with superfast PCs a whole demo can run in under 1 scanline of rastertime. If you set Cycle Exact, you can code your effects and know (and see) how fast they will run on a real A500.
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