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AmigaOS4 emulation???

How long do you think it'll take after OS4 is released for it to be emulated on another platform?
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Legally or otherwise

I'm gonna say 6 months til you see something on the groups front. Of course I kinda doubt that Amiga Inc. will ever license it out to a third party for emulation, of course I could be wrong
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Old 21 July 2002, 08:38   #3
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AmigaOs4 is ppc only. No present Amiga emulator emulates the ppc processor so right now, OS4 remains unemulated. I think it's not just about the processor itself, Toni Wilen may answer for sure.
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yeah thank god it is ppc only, or I would fear the pc users would pirate OS4 to death ...

buy yourself a new amiga when it get released , computng will once agian be fun!
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Old 21 July 2002, 12:44   #5
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Maybe it'd be better for os4 to be pirated, rather than remain as an unknown, unadvertised os. My ppc is waiting for it! I hope it'll worth it
Old 21 July 2002, 13:17   #6
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nah if amoigaos went x86 it would sure get out to alot of people,
but these people wouldnt care if they bought the games/apps, because
they already got it on the WIndoze partition ...

Therefore I think its a nice move to make new amiga machines with the new OS ..

But I understand whay you mean, it is bad if no one heras/or sees
the new amiga/OS .... it would be a shame..
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Old 21 July 2002, 13:55   #7
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I misunderstood your post sorry. By saying "ppc only" I meant it wasn't available for 68k, and you meant it's unavailability for x86. In this case I agree.

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