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Scalos pens could not be allocated

I'm improving my Amikit conversion for 16 colors and no FPU. Now MorpheuZ works and yesterday I changed it to use Scalos. This is the message I have after booting:
4 of the pens defined in Scalos Palette prefs could not be allocated.

If I go to the Scalos prefs, in palette I had Allocated Pens 8/16, so I've loaded and saved Rebel's Scalos Palette.pre for 16 colors, so now it shows 16 out of 16 allocated, but booting it says now that 12 of the pens could not be allocated.

I have to say that it shows right the images or wallpapers with 16 colors; it's just that message after booting the problem I've got.

And... if I change the screen mode to use for example 256 colors I don't have that message.

Any Guru or Shaman with an idea please?
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So it says that number of colors minus four pens are already allocated when Scalos starts. The first four colors are allocated by Intuition, so I would say that all pens are already allocated when Scalos starts, it just does not attempt to allocate the first four because they would fail anyway.

You should try to find a program which is run before Scalos and which allocates pens. FullPalette comes to mind, but this is only an example, I don't know it Amikit contains FullPalette.
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Thanks Thomas. Yes, I've got FullPalette, and even repeating to load FPPrefs just after Scalos it tells about the pens missing. I don't understand that the Scalos palette says that all the pens are allocated and it complains at the beginning.

Edit: I've just tried in the original Amikit, changing to use just 16 colors in monitors and changing to Scalos. It's exactly the same behaviour. A message about pens not allocated. I just would delete that message from the program, but I'm not good with that.

So it seems some kind of bug of Scalos when using 16 colors ?¿

Edit: I have to say that some Scalos Images seem to need those pens, like in the Scalos prefs, patterns, the small images of the backdrops in "Preview", but as I've said wallpaper, windows backdrops, etc they are right remapped

EDIT: It's FIXED. Don't ask me how. I copied again Scalos from Amikit and just changed Themes as I've got them remapped. Now I haven't got any request about pens. If I go to Scalos prefs, it shows pens allocated 0/16. The wallpapers and images are just like before.

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