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Problem with Dyna Blaster + Kaillera

I'm using Kaillera client version 0.8.22 and I made hdf image with WHDLoad 16.8
version of "Dyna Blaster" game - downloaded from www.whdonwload.com. And
I have problem when I start a game without second player connected in two
players mode or even in one player mode (I didn't find anyone to test a two
player game yet) and press SPACEBAR or ESCAPE - game exit to workbench
and show error "DYNABLASTER has a checksum error on disk block 4071"
How to fix that? And one interesting tthing is sometimes game works fine and
this error do not show. I tryed using readonly and readwrite propety for my hdf image
but when image was readwrite when I press esc or spacebar game exit to WorkBench
without any error. I also try mount game as Directory but Kaillera shows warring about
desynch when using Directory filesystem. My startup-sequence looks like this::
assign ENV: Ram:
c:whdload slave=DynaBlaster.slave PRELOAD
At normal WinUAE 1.3 I got the same problem. I used kaillera configurations from
Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 from www.sensiblesoccer.de to make my
own version of Dyna Blaster online. If someone want to check my version
please download and unpack http://skorski.net/~oles/db/dyna_blaster.rar

EDIT: at above address I uploaded new version of online Dyna Blaster with two *.bat
files to run, dir_version.bat runs FILESYSTEM version of game and hdf_version.bat
runs HARDFILE version. When I run filesystem version and exit and later I run a
hardfile version games do not crash when I use Escape or SpaceBar keys.

I also downloading BigPackVol3 form torrent at http://amigaonline.pspuae.com to check
included Dyna Blaster version, but there is only one seeder and I have very slow transfer.

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Edit: I fixed - probable seting "NoWriteCache" in S:WHDLoad.prefs help, but
right now I have next problem. I tested my version of Dyna Blaster with friend
and game chat (F11 key) work strange, the text after typing stay on screen
and looks like on the picture (look at bottom of picture). Is any way to fix this?

EDIT: I downloaded Amiga.Online.Big.Pack and Dyna Blaster have the same
problem with chat, so it is a game fault and uses can nothing to do with this.

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