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Magic mouse/virtual mouse driver issues

I noticed some issues with magic mouse and the virtual mouse driver. This is with the "Show host cursor only" option checked. With that (as far as I can see) WinUAE sets the Windows mouse pointer image to be a copy of the Amiga one and hides the Amiga pointer sprite.
  • If the user changes the mouse pointer using Pointer preferences, WinUAE does not detect that so the mouse pointer continues to show the old imagery.
  • WinUAE seems to assume the pointer hotspot is at the top left of the mouse image. If your normal Amiga mouse pointer isn't like that, the mismatch means the actual pointer click occurs above where you think it is. So e.g. selecting from a menu, the menu item above the correct one is selected. An easy way to see the mismatch is to boot Workbench 2.0 or later and once Workbench loads, click and drag the mouse to show the selection marquee/rectangle. See the attached pointer prefs archive. Load that into Pointer preferences, save as the default then quit WinUAE and run it again.
  • If you boot up with Magic Mouse enabled, then after booting uncheck Magic Mouse and continue emulation the mouse pointer disappears. It's as if WinUAE forgets to restore the native Amiga pointer sprite image when Magic Mouse is disabled. In fact, when I boot with Magic Mouse disabled and virtual mouse driver enabled, the mouse pointer is missing once Workbench loads.
  • With "Show both cursors" selected, change Workbench to an A2024 mode. Notice that the Windows mouse pointer and the Amiga one are separated. They are close near the top left of the screen, getting further apart the further right and down you move the mouse.
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Toni Wilen
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Show host cursor is semi-pointless feature that is mainly meant for RTG modes where cursor position can be exactly known.

Chipset modes aren't that simple due to screen dragging, overscan etc.. (and A2024!)
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Yeah I can see how native modes might be a bit of a pain. I guess you could snoop the sprite 0 position rather than figure out the pointer position in a system-legal way but that's probably a bit of an ugly solution. Still, the host pointer feature could be useful in native modes because you could get a nice high-res pointer (potentially) rather than always low-res.

For A2024 modes though, in some sense those are like RTG modes; fixed size and non-draggable screens. If the show host cursor only option were to work in A2024 modes that could actually be quite useful. Benefits would be:
  • Mouse pointer could be shown in colour instead of black/white
  • Mouse pointer could be shown in the correct aspect ratio
  • No vanishing mouse pointer at the right-hand edge of the screen in 10Hz modes with ECS Agnus (the 1008-pixel screen with OCS doesn't have that problem).
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