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Question Need name for game, had amazing speech intro

Greetings all, I am new to this forum,

Back in the day when I received my 1st computer, an A500, I started growing a game collection, and I can't remember title to this particular one:

The introduction to the game was narrated in speech, for almost a minute if not a bit more, about a solar system, or another planet, or a galaxy of some kind, narrated in a mature male voice, perhaps old english / british sounding...

The type of game seemed like a graphic adventure, set on some distant planet surface, perhaps aqua blue in color not sure, nicely drawn character(s) (npcs), sort of side scrolling, ballon text i think, with the occasional sword (or sabre?) deul fighting scenes.

I kinda remember interacting with an npc, he was talking about offering me some "fission chips?"

Sorry for the vague clues, perhaps the game was on 4 disks, not sure, but the intro was narrated in a very natural tone, was the first time I heard an amiga game "talk"

thanks for all the feedback
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It's The Kristal

And the person who narrated the intro was Sir Patrick Moore

and sadly I can still pretty much word for word recite the entire intro speech from memory...
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The Kristal it is!!!

Thank you Belgarath! The Kristal it is indeed! I also thought that the word 'crystal' was lingering in my mind...What do ya know, it's from Cinemaware to boot! My favorite developer...

But I never gave this game a real chance...

Tell me, should I get a real amiga to replay these games? Or should I go the emulator route..?
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It really comes down to how genuine you want your experience. Emulation can give you back alot of those old memories, with many added conveniences. But it will only feel 100% authentic if you play it on a real Amiga. The choice is really up to you.
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