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Originally Posted by Fastdruid View Post
Only ever collect for your own benefit. I bought them because I wanted them, not to keep and then sell later. Although that said I did sell the pair of A500's and keep the A500+.
Yeah, you should never approach collecting as an investment. Though it's always a good idea to keep an eye on the current prices in case you need to cash in part of your collection for whatever reason.

I regret letting my dad talk me into selling my A500 and getting a PC laptop instead, but I didn't have much control over that so I don't think it really counts. I was half-way through high school and needed something I could use in class.

About 15-ish years ago there was an old Amiga specialist shop that was closing down and selling off the last of their stock. I stopped by to poke around a bit, and found a A4000 desktop for sale for only AUD $150.

Even then, with everyone convinced the Amiga community was drying up, $150 was an insanely low price. I asked the owner about it, apparently someone had dropped it off for repair years earlier, the repairs had been done but nobody ever came to pick it up. I didn't have the cash on me at the time so I told the owner I'd be back later that day.

I came back, cash in hand, about an hour later to find someone else had bought it while I was away. Not long after I got an accelerated A1200 with a few other little upgrades, so it wasn't a huge loss that I missed out, but still, the A4000 was what I really wanted, and if only I'd been back like 15 minutes quicker I might not have lost out.
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Biggest regret, jumping ship to the PC in 96. Second biggest regret, forgetting that my CD32 and 1200 were still at my grandmother's until several years after the old witch sold the house.
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Selling my towered A1200 on ebay (tower, CD drive, IDE adapter, 1.8GB ide hard disk, '060 accelerator with 16MB RAM, CD32 joypad, mouse, highly optimised Workbench which included custom fast math libraries, PFS, utils to blit stuff into fast mem instead of using graphics mem)...

...and then finding out shortly after that I could have sold just the '060 accelerator for the exact same price I'd sold the entire thing for. Literally the same price almost down to the pound.
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Originally Posted by ElectroBlaster View Post
6. The one that kicks me everytime! Gordon Harewood Computers in Exeter, Devon (I think that was his name?) The amiga market crashed out in 1994. He was a broken man and decided to sell everything he could fast. I saw an advert and called him, went to the shop, noticed most of the stock had gone and saw some Index Amiga things used for POS systems, everyone knows these things as little A1200's in 5.25 format nowadays. Basically a bog standard A1200 all cramped into a cd-rom bay, wouldve been great in a pc even today. I tried everything to buy them off this guy and he was a tool! I didnt care if they did not work I just wanted them no matter what. Ended up watching him stamp on them he was so pissed off with the amiga and the loss of his business and I was waving the bloody money at him! Maybe it was me, my youth I dont know! but today I would have approached this guy differently.
WOW this one is brutal!
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Vodka monster.

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Biggest regret: Selling my Blizzard 1260 with SCSI module.
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My biggest regrets are being too young to appreciate and take proper care to preserve the Amiga game boxes we had, they got stored in my dad's workshop and years later suffered water damage. My other one is the fact that when we moved in the early 2000s, we dumped all our Amiga disks, legal and pirated alike due to need to clean out stuff, wish I still had those now.
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Biggest regret(s):
1. I left my A2000 at home while i was at Uni, it had a 12MB harddrive, 286 board and 8Meg RAM. Brother threw it out along with all my magazines and big box games.
2. I dumped my 14" multisync monitor about 8 years ago because of the size, was lovely, DBL PAL modes for workbench and 15KHz for gaming.

Luckily i still have my 14" portable Sony Trinitron for proper CRT gaming.
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My Biggest Regret is selling my 030 A1200, with tons of joysticks, near full collection of Amiga format + other mags, books, external disk drives, multi sync monitor, collection of games + boxes and boxes of disks (about 2000). (also sold it cheap).

Although i have got some of the hardware back but i do miss all those mags.....
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My first regret was falling into the trap that getting a PC (a Quantex, if anyone remembers those) was the way to go, since the Amiga was slowly succumbing to a slow death.

I stuck my A2000 and all my games in my closet, while I enjoyed gaming in my Quantex.

However, soon nostalgia hit... but when I tried to get my Amiga out, I found out my dad had given it away (and all the games) to someone without asking me, because he thought I was never going to use it (he has the habit of tossing things that he thinks we may not be using).

So, my biggest regret was forgetting my Amiga in the closet and losing her forever...
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trading my 3000 maxed to the hilt to a vendor at AmiWest for a pc and then having him
ship it to me with no insurance/signature required and me out of town when it showed up on my front porch and was not there when I got home.Worst was it has a Phase 5 060/ppc
so could have been running OS 4.? on it
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Playing Human Killing Machine.
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cheeky scoundrel

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Originally Posted by qupe View Post
Playing Human Killing Machine.
Looks... errr... colorful.
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I gave my mint Amiga 1200 to some sort of "museum" here in Germany for repair and recap. Unfortunately, due to studies and a severe sickness, I couldn't manage to pick it up. A couple of years have passed, and the dude who offered to repair it, told me he "misplaced" it, when I asked for it back.

I really regret that, it sometimes even keeps me up at night...
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My biggest C64/Amiga regret is not learning more programming (especially assembly) and spending too much times on games. Not that the gaming memories - Dungeon Master, Monkey Islands 1, 2, Populous, Lemmings, Mega-Lo-Mania, many others - aren't wonderful.

I also regret giving up on the Amiga and switching to PCs too early. I wish I had bought an A4000 rather than a 386 PC in 1992, and kept it all those years.
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Too many regrets:

After “mastering” 6502 assembly, not learning 68000. Bought books, stared and stared at DevPac, watched other coders (in awe of how their brains worked when mine didn’t) - I just couldn’t get it.

Not really getting to grips with the Amiga’s sample-based music (I messed with Protracker for years, but was never happy with the results). After moving from the C64 with SID’s synth capabilities, I felt lost.

Paying over £250 for Imagine 2.0, a week before Amiga Format gave it away on their December ‘93 coverdisk (“The finest coverdisk program ever!”). That rendered cow on the cover will haunt me forever.

Not using my Amiga (or two) to become a successful techno act like Urban Shakedown on the cover of Amiga Format (August ‘92).

Switching from Amiga to PC in in 1996 for a college course. I haven’t done a creative thing since (for me, the Amiga was the last “creative” computer).

Seeing my old and unused Amiga 1200 sat on top of an equally old and unused Sony Trinitron in the background of my Zoom calls ever day (on my “oooooh, state-of-the-art” Windows 10 laptop camera).

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Selling my A500 in 1992 with all it's original games and external floppy drive is my biggest Amiga regret. Sure, I sold to them to get hold of the A1200 in late 1992 but I could have waited a couple of months more to afford the 1200 and still kept my A500.

Not getting more into the music side of things with and and not really getting much into the programming side of things on it. I really got stuck into Deluxe Paint IV though, so that's some consolation.
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I have way too many, but here is my top 3 Amiga regrets:

1. Selling my perfectly working spare CSPPC 060/233 on eBay several years ago to someone in Greece, the buyer after having received it for over two weeks messaged me to complain it was "dusty" and tried to renegotiate the price. I refused and asked for the card to be returned and offered to pay return postage, the card was later returned but it was now completely dead and showed evidence of being extensively reworked, and in hindsight it was probably used as a cadaver to fix another board.

2. Around 2006/2007 I bought a fully loaded A4000T of someone from the states who was supposedly a respected member on Amiga.org. It costs me over £1000 which back then was top dollar for a well expanded big box Amiga, it came with CSPPC, PicassoIV, and
Peggy Plus Mpeg decoder card which I had always wanted to try. I waited a couple of weeks and heard nothing from the seller, as I recall I somehow had his phone number and managed to get hold of him and he promised to send the Amiga. I eventually got a tracking number, but he only sent half what was promised, the CSPPC and Picasso IV, ... I never did see the A4000T or the Peggy Plus and I don't believe he ever logged back into Amiga.org since.

3. Around 2007/2008 Software Hut in the US were selling brand new NOS A4000T's for about $1000. I really regret not buying one , and I recall my mouse was hovering over the buy button on more than one occasion. I did eventually score a used A4000T on German eBay for £250 which I still have to this day.
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Sending my BPPC with 200 MHz PPC and 060 and SCSI to Amiga repair France (Jean Jacques Boulet) because I thought that Stachu was way too expensive. Never to see my card again.
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Originally Posted by Hedeon View Post
Sending my BPPC with 200 MHz PPC and 060 and SCSI to Amiga repair France (Jean Jacques Boulet) because I thought that Stachu was way too expensive. Never to see my card again.
Stachu has done a few upgrades for me over the years, well worth every penny. I'm getting my hands on a 040/PPC but I might actually keep this one stock as their can't be many left now!

Sorry to hear you lost yours. I tried to get in touch with JJB years ago to fix a faulty CSPPC, I think I had some advice that was all.

I regret not keeping an A4000 in some form as they're just crazy expensive now I had at one point A4000D, A4000 in Mirage Pro Tower and 2 A4000Ts. I feel privileged though to have had that opportunity
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I want to slap myself for this but.. About 15 years ago(?) I basically donated (left it outside - a neighbour asked and I let them take it) a somewhat unreliable tower converted A1200 with an apollo ‘040 card and pcmcia scsi because I didn’t think it had any value and I’d obviously never use the Amiga again.. Big mistake, I had no idea.. ??

To be fair we were very short of space and it hadn’t been used for years. Now I’m using an A1200 a few times a week and only have a RAM card. Womp womp.

OH.. and 20+ years ago my parents got rid of hundreds of computer mags, from almost the entire run of A.C.E, to a good number of Amiga Format, The One, CU Amiga etc. Arrrgh, I’d love them now. ?
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