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Please help a n00b with some general questions

Hi all

New to amiga - long time c64/c128 guy. I used to have several A500s years ago but they all got torn down, mostly for the drive mechs

My brother gave me a 1200 with an 030-50/copro board in it, which had a broken ram slot on it that I replaced successfully (2MB chip, 32MB fast). As of last night, the thing fired into life (altho it freaks out my 1084S which switches off every time I reset the amiga, so I have more repair work ahead alas).

I have several noob questions (along the lines of "pimp my ride"):

1) The thing has a 40MB HDD in it. Do those IDE/SATA converters work? If so, whats the largest drive I can put in it?
2) What's the best kickstart/workbench to use? Where can I find them?
3) Im thinking of one of those indivision flicker fixers. Thoughts? Reviews? Im not sure I like the idea of removing the shielding.
4) Best wireless PCMCIA?
5) The kickstart is on eprom right? What chips does it use? I have an eprom burner and Im not afraid to use it.
6) List of utilities you cant live without? Initially Ill be looking to port/write some ADFs.... is directory opus still the go? (wow, there's a memory from 1990).

Ill mainly want to use it for games and demos, hopefully installing to HDD whereever possible. I bought 30 new DSDDs for it but they wont last forever.

thanks guys, and apologies for noob questions.
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1) IDE converters should work fine, though these days it's pretty common to use a CompactFlash card or an older style "industrial SSD module". There isn't a hard limit on the hard drive size really but after 4GB you will need to look beyond the file system offered by Workbench 3.0/1. Plenty of threads about the subject here on the forum (search for SFS, PFS3 etc).

2) The latest kickstart available as a ROM is 3.1, after that ROM updates were delivered in the form of software patches loaded during the boot process. As far as 5) goes you can burn your own updated ROMs, search the forum for "custom kickstart" or similar and you will find instructions. You don't necessarily need anything beyond 3.0/1 for most purposes though.

3) Indivisions are great and the RF shield is nothing to worry about. But if you already have a decent, working monitor solution, you don't necessarily need to get one straight away. Lots of review type stuff here on the forum and on YouTube.

6) Look into the ClassicWB packages (Workbench bundles with lots of useful software installed) and similar, if not to use one directly, at least as a guide for what you could install. At the very least get WHDLoad and purchase a key for it, if you want to play games and not use floppies.
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So with SFS the idea is to have a 4G normal partition to boot from and then the rest can be a SFS partition?

Thanks for the pointers, Ill have a look around.
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One more question - can the amiga 1200 IDE bus accept 2 devices, and if so are there drivers for a standard IDE DVDROM/burner?

ie, could I hack a slimline DVD burner into the case and plug it straight in?
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Originally Posted by devnull View Post
One more question - can the amiga 1200 IDE bus accept 2 devices, and if so are there drivers for a standard IDE DVDROM/burner?

ie, could I hack a slimline DVD burner into the case and plug it straight in?
Yes, the Amiga 1200 IDE controller can accept 2 devices without modification configured at Master and Slave.

There are certainly drivers for CD-ROM burners and DVD-ROM drives, but I'm not aware of any drivers for DVD-ROM burners.

Search the forums for other users threads on installing slimline DVD-ROM drives into the A1200 case.
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