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Old 10 March 2002, 19:22   #1
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Eek My surf squirrel

The setup I used to have earlier today (until I formatted the hard-drive and started again) used to work.

I installed workbench 3.0 without any problems and I can get the hardrive to autoboot.

Now I have to try and get this damn cd-rom and zip drive to work.

I plugged in the surf squirrel into the scsi port and plugged in my cd-rom drive and zip drive.

Then I installed the surf squirrel software and went to mount scsi drives ( I think thats how you set them up). Anyway, it brought both drives up in the list and when I came to install them I got this error. (Which I will put up in a minute).

Maybe I have to install the cd rom drivers. But I don't have them though! How can I set up the zip drive. I had it all working before!!

Pls Help

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Lots of info on Aminet for setting up and mounting Zip and CD-ROM drives, both SCSI and IDE.



Also I've found a few pages on the Squirrel SCSI interface as well on google.

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Old 10 March 2002, 20:15   #3
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The error is:

Invalid Ridgid Disk Block

I get this on both my TEAC CD-ROM drive and my Iomega Zip 100 drive.

Can anyone help?
Old 10 March 2002, 20:34   #4
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Hmmm, you seem to try to mount the CD and the ZIP drive as a HD, cause the RDB is writen to the Boot Block of a HD for using the HD Filesystem
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Old 10 March 2002, 20:35   #5
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How do I change it so it doesn't mount as a hd?

All the options I have are to select the drive from the menu and click mount.
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You can only do so, if your Surf Squirrel Software got support for a CDFileSystem but I really know nothing about the Surf Squirrel, so I donĀ“t know Is there a readme included with the Software ?? Is a CDFS mentioned there ? Could you perhaps post the readme ??
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Old 10 March 2002, 23:23   #7
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Here is the exact same Surf Squirrel that I have.


Please can someone help me to get my cd and zip drives running again.

They were once running. But I didn't set them up. It was a previous owner. :P
Old 11 March 2002, 09:34   #8
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To be honest, I would forget about using the Surf Squirrel software atm. It sounds to me like it is just a menu interface for selecting which devices to mount, and it doesn't seem to have the correct options either. I imagine what has happened is that the previous owner has changed the SCSI IDs of the devices for something reason (and edited the mountlists himself), and now the default installation cannot detect the drives.

If I were you, I would look for the mountlists for the CD and ZIP0 on your HD, and edit and run them manually (not as difficult as it sounds). Take a look in "Devs/DOSDRIVERS" and "Storage". If you are lucky, you will find them here. Otherwise, they might reside in the same directory as your Surf Squirrel software. The files will be named something like "CD0", "ZIP0", "HD0" etc.

Display the icon information for the mountlists (Icon/Information). There may be two tooltypes shown: "Device" and "Unit". If there aren't, don't worry, just load the mountlist (the file you just clicked on) into a text editor. The lines will be here instead.

Either way, I imagine the most important line in your case is the "unit" line. This should correspond to the SCSI ID on the back of the CD drive, ZIP drive etc. If it doesn't, change it. Also remember that you cannot have two drives with the same ID . Whilst you're here, confirm that the device line says something like "Device=squirrelscsi.device". Save the file.

Double-click on the mountlist and the device should be mounted. Be a bit patient, as my CD drive always takes a while to mount (standard Squirrel SCSI). The only problem is that Workbench doesn't give you any information if something goes wrong; it just fails quietly. If you have further problems, post your mountlists here and I will try and figure out the problem .
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Old 12 March 2002, 21:11   #9
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Smile Yay!

I managed to work it out! I had a look through the manuals and found out that I just had to install the drives differently. I think it thought the drives were hard drives originally.

Thanks Guys!!


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