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Quest for the Time Bird Help


If someone has played this game, I want to know how to recuper the Unknown Knight, and how to obtain the egg of darkness.
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i've started it like 40 times and i can't keep but get killed in every area. and i'm sorry because it has very nice graphics and i would like finish it. however, i have some italian walkthrough somewhere on a magazine, if i get my hands on it this weekend i'll post the answers (if any)
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Arrgh!! This is one game that really used to pee me off!! Getting killed everytime in a new area. I even remember buying LSD Doc Disk 5 thinking it had the complete solution, only to find out it just gives you hints and tips.... more like a manual than anything else!

Direct link to text version from LSD Doc 5:

Fingers cross for Marco....
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I found this




This is the domain of the Wizard-Prince BODIAS. As you will soon discover, it's the "paradise" of the world of AKBAR. It is famed for the beuty of tis countryside. The good people of this March live in harmony with nature, especially the magnificent forest. Their ways are peaceful and they will never attack our heroes under any circumstances.


Don't attack the gentle folk of Green March, otherwise they'll hide from you for as lonng as you remain in their domain. You will, in that case, only be able to meet the OLD ONES OF THE WOODS. Don't attack them either; talk with them to find out about the various inhabitants of AKBAR.
Should the UNKNOWN KNIGHT or ROXANNA charm anyone of the opposite sex, they will quit the Quest! The lure of blissful love in this green paradise is irresistible. These two heroes can all too easily fall under the amourous spell and become unavailable for the rest of the Quest.

BRAGON will also leave the group for a certain period, if he charms any Ondines. In that event, the others will have to stay where they are and await his return. If you leave without him, then BRAGON will be abandoned in the THOUSAND GREENS and will be lost to the group for the remainder of the Quest.

If you speak with the inhabitants, they will offer you rest or refreshment. If you choose to rest, then your heroes will absent themselves for a short while. Don't forget, though, that time moves on even when your heroes take a break!

When you meet BODIAS, avoid attacking him. If you attack him, he will die. And the forest, in perfect symbiosis with the Wizard-Prince, will also perish. The March of a THOUSAND GREENS will burn and you'll meet nobody at all!
ROXANNA mustn't charm BODIAS more than once, or he will believe she is his daughter and escape with her, leaving the group without her precious presence.


You arrive in this March by the shore, Click on the forest to enter the realm of the THOUSAND GREENS.

You will then find yourself on the map of the March. Click on the left side of the screen. Two inhabitants will be displayed. Choose the only available path.

Following picture: You will find two inhabitants and an Old One of the Woods. Go right.

Next picture: One way only. There is an Old One of the Woods.
Next picture: You will find two Ondines. Go as far right as you can.
Next picture: One way only. There are two Ondines.
Next picture: There is a Old One here. Go left.
Next picture: There is one way only, over the hut.
Next picture: You meet two inhabitants. Go right.
Next picture: There is a hut here. One way only.
Next picture: Click on the left of the vignette and the Old One.

You will then find yourself in a picture where you can see a child. Click on the foot of the tree to pick up a mushroom.

The UNKNOWN KNIGHT or ROXANNA should speak to the child. Otherwise the child will be frightened and refuse to say anything of importance. Should ROXANNA or the UNKNOWN KNIGHT speak to him, he will reply with a multiple-choice question. You must choose the second option: "Very well, what would you like?"

He will then say:"Thank you for the mushroom. Follow me".

There is only one exit.

After that, you must follow the child's instructions very carefully and you will find BODIAS. When the child tells you to pass between the two trees, take the little exit zone well to the left.

Once BODIAS is present, someone must speak to him. BODIAS should ask three multiple-choice questions in a row. Choose, in order, the first answer, then the second and, finally, the second again. This will convince BODIAS of your good faith. He will also believe ROXANNA to be his daughter.

Next, click anywhere. You'll return to the shore where you'll see a BALANT in the water. Click on the BALANT to quit the module with BODIAS willing to read the runes in the Temple of Oblivion. Success at the Temple will provide you with some very important information: the location of the Time-Bird.


In order to follow the advice we're about to give, you must first go to the THOUSAND GREENS to recruit BODIAS. Then go directly to the March of the SAND LIPS.
You are advised to have both BODIAS and ROXANNA. You will arrive by BALANT in the Chasm of Lights. You must click in the bottom left-hand corner. Don't click anywhere else!
You will find yourself in a room in the palace of FAUL, Wizard-Prince of the SAND LIPS. FAUL will be present along with two of his advisors. Many actions are now available, but you should speak to him once. In answer to his question, choose the first option, which is to spin a gripping yarn. He will indicate his satisfaction. Click on the right- hand door and you will be outside the city, on your way to the Temple of Obivion. Click on the Temple, bottom-left, and your group will move to the Temple entrance.
Go straight ahead.

You'll find yourself in a corridor with a staircase ahead and a stele (a block of stone) to the right. Click left.
Now you're in a narrow corridor. Click at its far end.
You're in a corridor. Click right (above the stele, not far right).
Once again, a narrow corridor. Click at the far end.
Another corridor. Click on the far end, to the right, in the yellow zone (WARNING, there are two passages near together).
In the next corridor, click at the buttom.
Click on the left in the new picture. In the corridor, ROXANNA will call for her Furry and quit group.
BRAGON must now talk to himself. Choose the second answer to the mutiplechoice question: "If only ROXANNA were here...".

You are once again outside with ROXANNA. Take the same path from the beginning, to meet up with BRAGON. When ROXANNA and BRAGON are together, click in the background of the picture. You will see a funeral chamber, with a pyramid in the distance. Click on the pyramid. Now you're standing before it. RUNES are engraved on its surface. You also meet a character you probably already know.

Now BODIAS must be made to speak by one of your heroes. BODIAS will decipher the RUNES. You will automatically quit this module, running as fast as your legs will carry you!

This is taken from this site view through google cache
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Thanks for you help,

I have seen the solution of LSD Docs : this solution is only for the levels of the March of thousand greens and the Sand lips

You must find the character Bodias in the March of thousands green and keep him to go to the Sand lips.

In the Sand lips, you must use Bodias to read the runes on the old pyramid.

The question is : Why it is useful to read the runes of the old pyramid ?

The answer is : to go the territory of the Rige, to kill the Rige and to go after that in a place called << Doigt du ciel >> in the french comic to obtain the egg of darkness.

If Bodias have not read the runes, you can kill the Rige but you can' t go to the << Doigt du ciel >> to recuper the egg of darkness.

I remember you to finish the game, you will need three objects : the conch of Ramor, the egg of darkness and the book of Mara.

I have found the book of Mara and the conch of Ramor, but I don't succeed yet to have the egg of darkness.

I have really found a big part of the solution of this game
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I have put a big part of the solution in the Zone
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Has anyone ever completed this game? I haven't the remotest idea as to where the Unknown Knight is or how to get the Egg of Darkness. I can't find anywhere on the internet that has a proper solution.
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Could someone reupload the guide into the zone please, as I have just been given an original copy of this game and I can't get anyware with it
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Stuck in "Quest for the Time-Bird"

Does anyone managed to finish this game? I've got hold of the Egg of Shadows, the Conch and the Spellbook, but I don't know what to do to with them to finish the game. I didn't found any COMPLETE walkthroughs for the game, either (there is a partial walkthrough on LemonAmiga, and some useful tips in this and an Atari forum, but that's all.)

According to one hint:

"When you have the three objects, go to a blue square near the Veils of Froth, and the game is finished."

But I didn't find any blue squre on the map and nothing happened when I went back to the Veils of Froth.

Could anyone help me?
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Thumbs up Quest For The Time-Bird.

Hi everyone, first off I'd like to apologise if there's already a topic about this game. I used the search feature and it didn't come it, but you can never fully trust them. If there is, simply link me to it (unless people have more info to add!)

I hope some of you are familiar with this game, because it's really entertaining so much so, I've registered here just to finally have a chance at completing it! I'm serverly stuck in this game, and have been since, ooh ... 1991. I only got it again recently, but have no idea how to progress. I know a few things which I need from trying to look for walkthroughs and such online. There's character's you're meant to pick up I can't even find.

It's not even a "difficult" game, it's just a point and click kind of adventure ... but you need to know where to point and click, I guess.

There's a short walkthrough you can find online that tells you a little bit about two areas, but that's it. No more. I'd really appreciate if anyone else could give me any kind of info or steer me in the right direction.

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Ooh, go to the Snuffler's place and talk to their Wizard Prince, after that, a blue dot should appear near the Veil, between it and the White Marsh. I noticed a dot appear there, but couldn't visit it. Maybe you can only do it when you have all three items?

If you ever come back here, any tips on how to obtain all said items and find the Unkown Knight would be much appreciated!
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Hi Drudkh and welcome to EAB!
I see that you already found another thread, but this one looks even more promising : http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?p=236407#post236407
You could send rodi a PM or email and ask him to reupload his partial solution again. Good luck!
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Thank you. I actually just found this thread myself. That big "solution" part posted in there is the same one I found on other sites that I mentioned above. It's not actually quite as useful as it looks I'm afraid. It's all good info, but it's a very small part of the game and doesn't result in you obtaining any of the essential items ... it's also some of the stuff I could actually figure out myself!

Thanks for searching and trying to help me out though, it's much appreciated. I PM'd the guy from that other thread, I'm hoping he's around, because if he is, I actually gave him the info to finish the game, and he could fill me in on all he knows.
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Originally Posted by rodi View Post
The answer is : to go the territory of the Rige, to kill the Rige and to go after that in a place called << Doigt du ciel >> in the french comic to obtain the egg of darkness.

If Bodias have not read the runes, you can kill the Rige but you can' t go to the << Doigt du ciel >> to recuper the egg of darkness.
The "Doigt du ciel" is the Finger of Heaven. It's beyond the Rige, the only way to reach it is actually through him. I've gotten here before myself, though didn't find the egg?
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Oh my God, I just won it. Worst ending ever, BUT I WON IT!!

Still though, I failed to ever find The Unknown Knight and have him join my group. If anyone ever come by this and can let me know for peace of mind, or needs help how to finish the game themselves, give me a shout!
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All 3 threads merged
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Alright guys, so I decided it was only right of me to write up my solution to the game. After years of searching online and not finding a damn thing, I can't allow others to go through this pain any longer, I'd feel guilty!

Also, good news in I just found the Unknown Knight! Jeez, I really got lucky with this game in the last three days. WHERE WAS THIS LUCK THE LAST 18 YEARS? :-|

So, here it is, the Quest For The Time-Bird COMPLETED Walkthrough! (I never thought I'd see the day either)


.: The Beginning - Bragon's Home :.

The game begins with the story line in general being explained to you. After Mara's finished telling Bragon and Roxanna of the quest, you're posed with your first choice. Pick "Plan strategy", and then click the mouse on Bragon's Reaper (the large axe beside him in the picture), then once again choose to "plan strategy", and click around Roxanna's face to get some food. Either answer to the next time this is asked has the same outcome of you setting off, only if you choose to continue to plan your strategy, Mara belittles Bragon.

... and so, the Quest For The Time-Bird begins!


The next screen we come to is the map screen. The land of Akbar is made up of several territories.

- Veils of Froth
- Thousand Greens
- Gaping Lands
- Sand Lips
- White March
- Territory of the Ridj
- Land of the Snufflers

Each of these except for one are ruled by a "Wizard-Prince" who's usually somewhat antagonistic. Apparently, there's many ways to actually complete the Quest. The way I figured out how to complete it renders visiting some of these areas pointless, so in following my guide, you won't end up in the Thousand Greens or the White March. The only use for the Thousand Greens as near as I can tell is to get Bodias, which you can do much easier and quicker in the Veils of Froth, and the land of the White March only contains a Spell Book (similar to Mara's, but again, there's an easier way to get this) and nothing else as far as I can see. Running through all of these areas is the river Dol, and so you can travel by Balant to any of them, though the route itself could add considerable time to your journey. Never forget, you only have nine days. Following my guide as fast as possible usually leads to completion within the fourth or fifth day, so you have plenty of time. I would recommend you check out every area on a play through by yourself, just taking your time to stop and look at everything, asking everything you can, charming anyone you can, etc. just to see the whole land and all the game. As I said before, there's numerous ways you can win the game and with different characters (not everyone is essential for example, Bulrog does nothing really in this guide, he just gets picked up along the way, and the Unknown Knight is also rather useless. All either of them seem to really add is the ability to be able to avoid or kill enemies in No Man's Land with ease.)

In short, the idea of the Quest is to obtain three items, and when you have them all, go to a certain location. The location is that of the Time-Bird, and the items are ...

- Mara's Spell Book
- The Conch of Ramor
- The Egg of Darkness.

The path with which I won the game involves us getting stuck into a dangerous area right away, the nearest to Bragon's home, The Gaping Lands. Fortunately, you begin your Quest on a pair of Lopwinds, fast moving flying creatures which avoid all possible confrontation while traveling between areas.


.: Gaping Lands, Conch Of Ramor and the Unknown Knight :.

... unfortunately, the moment you arrive, the natives of this land demand the ritualistic sacrifice of your Lopwinds. Either way, they'll murder them, but you have to agree to allow them to do it in order to progress. When you do so, click in the middle back area of this picture and move into the Sacred Cave of the Grey Grelons. A little history tells you this is where the river Dol begins, and flows through all of Akbar. Click a little lower right of the centre of the picture and you're introduced to Fol De Dol. This little creature occasionally pops up from time to time and throws a riddle at you. Picking the wrong answer results in him messing things up for you (causing you to leave an area, or go back to the start of an area) so you always want to pick the right one. Speak to him, and the correct answer here is "neither one nor the other". As soon as he's gone, click the top left of this picture for a mushroom, the bottom left for another, and the middle for an egg. Leave here and leave the next window and head towards the city of Ir Weig in the top left corner of the main screen.

In the first screen, click the head of the statue for more food. This should really be enough food for your entire trip. Go through the nearest passage.Try to enter the area to the top of this picture and get the message "a cart blocks your path".Move to the right. Talk to the merchant on the floor and ask him to move his cart for you. Go back to the previous picture and the cart is gone so you can enter here now, then go to enter the next doorway in the next screen. The Wizard-Prince of the March of The Gaping Lands, Shan-Thung appears. Pick the first answer and follow him into his palace. Here you meet a possible third member to your party in Bulrog, though he's currently in the service of the Wizard-Prince. Speak with Bragon to Roxanna. Have Roxanna trust him. Speak once again to Shan-Thung. Accept his request to have Roxanna taken from your group. He offers you the chance to be the Guardian on the Conch of Ramor. Accept, and then ask to rest for a while before doing his bidding. He'll bring you into his main palace chamber. Click quickly on the item on the table to grab the conch. Leave the room quickly and start heading back toward the city of Ir Weig. As you get to the market place area, Roxanna is there with the Unknown Night, having been freed by him. Let him accompany you, and click just outside beneath this small box to leave The Gaping Lands.


From here, you have to set off on foot towards the Veils of Froth. Walking is far more hazardous than you may think, and until you get Bulrog into your group, you can face many unsuspecting surprises while trekking about Akbar. Be careful, and any dangerous beasts you encounter, have The Unknown Knight slay them. His crossbow's long range attack means he never has to get close or injured. If using Bragon, ensure before he attacks any of them he isn't tired though. If he is, have him eat to be as strong as possible.


.: Veils of Froth :.

Move up towards the city on the main screen. On the first window which appears, move left. Speak with Mara and you'll go inside her hut. Keep speaking with her until she introduces you to Bodias, The Wizard-Prince of the Thousand Greens, and the only person capable of reading the runes in the Temple of Oblivion for you. Speak to Bodias, and "take his advice", as he's essential to your quest. The Veils of Froth is quite close to The Sand Lips, so going by Balant isn't a big drain on time, also you avoid creatures in No Man's Land.

.: The Sand Lips, Mara's Spell Book, and the Temple of Oblivion :.

In the first screen of The Sand Lips, you MUST click only the bottom left. Anywhere else will result in one of your party being sacrificed. You'll then meet Faul, the Wizard-Prince of The Sand Lips. Speak to him first, and choose the first option, "spinning an adventurous yarn". This seems to please him. After wards, click the area just above his head on the smaller picture where Bragon and Roxanna are. He says "Ah? This old book of Magic interests you. You want it?" In this action, you have now aquired Mara's Spell Book, the second major item of your Quest. Click to the right of the picture and leave. In the main screen of The Sand Lips, click towards the Temple of Oblivion in the bottom left hand corner. When there, enter.

You're now in a maze which you have to navigate through to reach the runes at the end. Provided you have got Bodias with you, you should see him appear in all the maze areas. The maze is short and you can get there pretty fast through trial and error, but I believe this is the quickest route ...

Far end
Far end
Far end

At this point, Roxanna's Furry will run away, and Roxanna chases after him, leaving the group. Stay right where you are, and speak to yourself with Bragon. Choose the option "I wish Roxanna was here ..." and suddenly, you reappear outside the Temple as Roxanna. Navigate your way through the Temple maze once again, same as before. As you reach the last area for the second time, Bodias should appear in the picture, and Bragon is once again with you. Move forward. Move forward once again towards the Pyramid. Click on it, and Fo De Dol reappears. The correct answer is "The Crawling Death". Speak to Bodias, and you'll leave The Sand Lips. Reading the runes may not seem important now, but it's essential to reach another area of the game later on.


Bodias is now gone from your group. Take the Balant back to the Veils of Froth and head towards the city. Speak with the man to your right in the picture, and he'll offer you to leave with with fresh mounts. Pick yes, then ask for the Lopwinds. As you're back on the map, head to the Territory of the Ridj in the top left. Rather than landing on the actual dot like every other location, you only land as near as you can to it here.


.: The Territory of The Ridj and Bulrog :.

Click towards the upper right corner of the picture and head towards the Finger of Heaven. The first screen is easy to pass through, and the second screen where the path is blocked off, you click towards the right. In the bottom left of this picture lurks Bulrog. Speak to him with Bragon and ask him to join your group. He replies he doesn't know what to do. Charm him with Roxanna and he now joins you. Exit the screen to the left. Attack the character in this screen with Bragon. He will say not to hurt him, he will speak. Talk to him, though his information and whatever action you take seems useless. Leave the screen to the left. Here, you come across the Ridj. Ensure Bragon isn't hungry or tired, and attack the Ridj as quickly as possible twice to kill him. Leave this screen to the left. Click towards the Finger of Heaven (which you can now visit since reading the runes in the Temple of Oblivion) and Fol De Dol appears. Respond to his riddle with "it wanted to test it's strength".

.: The Finger of Heaven and the Egg of Darkness :.

You're greeted by Kiskill as soon as you arrive. Explain to her who you are and where you are from. Respond to the next question with "of course!" and the following with "we have no such person with us" before she tells you to follow her. Move upwards on the main screen. In the next box, you see Kiskill and The Guardian. Speak first to Kiskill, and she will say "let he who is a man address me.", then speak to her with any of your male characters (you can speak to her with Roxanna, but she drops a heavy hint that Roxy doesn't have the ... "equipment" she needs) and this member will leave your group. It doesn't matter if it's Bragon, Bulrog or the Unknown Knight (it is the Unknown Knight who ends up doing it in the comic, I believe) and you'll get them back, so don't worry. Next, speak to the small fat guy until he brings you into a small room. Speak with him again (you have to click a little to his right to speak with him, not actually on him) and insist on learning of the Egg's history. Admit to being bewildered and he'll bring you into another room. Read the story off the wall starting from the left, then leave at the bottom right. You go back to the smaller room, and he leaves you. Exit, and exit the next screen to the right.

Start walking towards the right on the main screen. As you make it to another box, your male character returns exclaiming he knows the location of the Egg. It's down at the end of a set of steps, but don't attempt to descend them yourself or you'll die. Speak with Kiskill, and she'll offer to get it for you by herself. Allow her to do this. Click at the bottom of the screen and you'll enter the chamber. Click the fire to pick up a torch, and then of course, the Egg sitting atop the column before you to obtain the Egg of Darkness, your third quest item. Ascend the stairs and leave the picture where your character are to your right. On the main screen, move dowards towards the right. You'll come to a picture where you see the head of a Lopwind peaking out. Click it, then click the birds, and you've got yourself some free mounts which will take you off the finger of Heaven, back to the main map.

.: Land of The Snufflers and location of the Time-Bird :.

Now that you have all your Quest items, there's only one thing left to do, find out where the Time-Bird resides. Fly down to the Land of The Snufflers. Move to your left on the main screen until you reach the caves. choose the far end area to pass through until you come to the back caverns and meet their Wizard-Prince. Speak with him twice, and what he tells you lets you know the location of the Time-Bird even though he doesn't specifically state it. That's all you need from here, so leave the Snuffler's lair and get back to the main screen, clicking the middle bottom area above the water to exit.

.: The Time-Bird and end of the Quest :.

Well, now that you have all your items and know where it is, there's nothing left to do besides head toward. A faint blue dot appears just near the Veils of Froth to its left. All you have to do is click here, then enjoy your spectacularly anti-climatic ending, which bares the same music as the failed ending ... guess they were going easy on the music composer!


If anyone else has any info or anything on this game, e-mail me at sweeneyeamonn@hotmail.com

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I just beat the game, thanks to your walkthrough. It's very well written, not in one place was I stuck, which happened many times before using some of the walkthroughs especially from gamefaqs !!
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Cool job, thank you! This should be added to HOL!
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