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Old 29 June 2012, 18:40   #1
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USB floppy drive emulator

Hi there,

Anybody tried this floppy emulator with a real miga?

Don't know if it will support the RY/DC or if it's a basic PC drive...
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Old 29 June 2012, 19:45   #2
Amibay Mod/Staff

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hi these only use 720k or 1.44 mb images and are not for amiga use

your better getting 1 designed for amiga and other machines

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Old 30 June 2012, 12:02   #3
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Like me he probably wanted to pay a sensible price

I asked the sellers and they said No anyway (no also for Atari ST)
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Old 01 July 2012, 05:21   #4
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Price is extortion is you ask me! We need a another developer creating these in batch and at a affordable cost!
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Old 01 July 2012, 08:07   #5
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that is true i emailed him and he refuses to low the price i think this unit should cost about 50 euros ,he would sell more ,he must be stock full of them till he dies.
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Old 01 July 2012, 14:45   #6
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The guy has put a lot of time,money and effort to create this board. I for one think it's worth the money.

Would you contact Jens and ask him to charge less for his products?
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Old 03 July 2012, 04:22   #7
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It's an interesting debate here...
Developpement time vs cost or cost vs number of sales...
A stripped down version should be available or at least a PC/MAC/Atari/Keyboards compatible version (non Shugart interface) to enlage intended customer target.

I really believe that this floppy emulator will have an Amiga compatible firmware soon. He should think about this or his product will simply fade out as soon as this one will steal his market.
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Old 07 August 2012, 01:15   #8
Doc Mindie
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What about this? From the description it certainly sounds interesting
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