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ADI Maths 11-12 Missing from Tosec

I noticed on various websites a list of MIA Software for the TOSEC Collections.

I happened to notice ADI Maths 11-12years was one of the titles missing and as I have a copy thought I'd try and get ADFs of the disks to upload and be added to TOSEC.

However I think both Disks are truly stuffed. I have tried DiscSalv on them with no luck. A real shame, hope one day someone has working disks who can upload them and add to the collection. Then I can also make a backup since no chance from the originals now.

Is there anything else that can be done to save the disks?

Click image for larger version

Name:	ADl1.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	adi2.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	adi3.jpg
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for the Application disk you need rawread to make an extented adf or a Kryoflux to make a CTRaw

the specialists here will tell you better what format the disk has

try my files in the Zone
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Cool didn't know anybody had the ADF's of the disks, will give them a try when get a moment. Thanks
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I have ADI Maths 4ème which is not exactly the same version as yours but I have the same large paper color grid as copy protection.

I dumped my version with a GreaseWeazle to SCP disks and it works under WinUAE.

Analysing this dump, I noticed this :
- Environment disc is AmigaDOS without protection, an ADF dump works fine
This disk is system specific, hence "Amiga" is written on the sticker

- Application disc is a standard IBM DOS disk Double Density, without protection but it can't be stored as plain ADF.
I guess the editor sold the "Application Disc" with ST and PC version too.
This disk can be stored as .IPF or .IMG and it works fine under WinUAE.

The copy protection is large color paper grids : one for Environment disk and one for each Application disk.

Knowing that, can you try reading the second disk on a standard PC with a floppy drive ?
You might then create an IMG image with WinImage.

So I have a question for Tosec specialists around :
How to add this software to Tosec collection ?
I mean, usually Tosec store only ADF file (and official SPS as IPF). The application disc of this software can not be stored as plain ADF. What are the options to submit to Tosec ? Which format ??

EDIT : Searching the forum, I found the answer : "rawread can create working extended ADF images from MSDOS formatted floppies." http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?p=73255#post73255
Knowning that, on my Amiga I dumped an ADF-extended image :
rawread -f adimaths.adf -r
And I checked this image works fine in WinUAE.

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