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drawing tablet improvements

hi toni,

first thank you very much for these last improvements, i mean display scaling and wintab support ...on my tablet pc it makes a real difference in terms of confort and usability...

i use winuae latest beta with standard 1200 config, kick 3.0, 8mb fast, no jit, and a 4gb hdf image of my real 1200 miggy. as i told you i enabled display scaling to fit a 1024*768 screen and i check magic mouse, vitual mouse driver, native cursor and full tablet support...

under workbench 3.0 my pen perfectly replaces the mouse cursor in terms of positionning, left & right button!!ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! but when playing games such as lemmings or mickey memo(whdload installs), the cursor does not react at all to my pen movements. is it that your interface relies on intuition ? do you see any way to make the pen positionnning and clicks translated to mouse hardware signals that could get correctly handled by non intuition games ?

thanks again for your great dedication,



EDIT: i know you have to translate absolutive positionning of the pen (from wintab) to relative moves of the amiga mouse (amiga hardware port emulation)...not knowing the initial position of the amiga mouse make it impossible to position correctly the amiga cursor relative to pen position on the screen...but given that you have absolute positionning of the pen, you could at least translate pen moves (relative change between absolute positions) to mouse moves given a parameter factor that would give the user the ability to adjust this setting to adapt to different games sensitivity to the mouse.

EDIT : given that most game position init their mouse at 0x0 (left upper corner of the screen), you may consider this the initial pen position too so that when you first refresh the pen real position at x,y, you start to apply a first mouse move of +x*k and +y*k, k being the parameter factor....this initial pen reference position may also be a configurable setting.

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Toni Wilen
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Moved because it would get lost in winuae beta thread
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thanks a lot and sorry for the 'mis-post'...
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