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Old 12 April 2023, 19:57   #1
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AmigaKit does not answer emails


I ordered A1200 motherboard AmigaKit at the end of January this year and after two weeks I wrote them to ask when they plan to send out the order.

They said they do it within a 30 days deadline which was OK for me. But this deadline ended in March and I sent them 3 e-mails, all of them without any answers.

Here is proof of how they work:

Anyone from the forum, do they really work in this way? Is it ok?

AmigaKit guys, where are my 250 EUR?
It is ok to wait, but not ok to ignore your customers.
I do not recommend them.

However I have an item from them from eBay - looks and works well. Strange.

I've even wrote to them on Twitter on their official account, still no answer.

Sad that I believed them and ordered via ordinary Visa payment, not PayPal.
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Old 12 April 2023, 20:13   #2
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This is really not the first time situation like this occurs with Amigakit. I stopped dealing with them already
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Old 12 April 2023, 20:48   #3
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They answered
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Old 19 April 2023, 17:40   #4
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Hi all,
Having the same problem. Made an order 20th of March, but my order is still listed as pending.
Have tried emailing them (twice) via the website, contacting them here via PM and tried calling (no answer). No response from any lines of communication.

Does anyone have any guaranteed way to communicate with them? I have spent quite a bit with them over the years and never had a problem, but this is leaving a bad taste.


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Old 21 April 2023, 14:20   #5
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If paid via paypal raise a paypal dispute. They will get off there backsides then (And claim some stupid excuse).
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Old 21 April 2023, 16:50   #6
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They finally responded

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Old 25 May 2023, 21:36   #7
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I bought on the 05/12 a DF0 terminator on eBay and it has just shipped yesterday, after 12 days.
I don't why and I'm not pressed, but that change from others sellers who ship the next working day.
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Old 26 May 2023, 08:55   #8
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They usually end up answering / sending the product or refunding you. It just takes a long time and they manage orders with out of stock items poorly, so buy somewhere else.

If there's an item you can't find somewhere else, I'd suggest you contact them first, see if they have it in stock first.
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Old 26 May 2023, 09:03   #9
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I had the same experience with them a few years ago.
All items did eventually show up .
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Old 26 May 2023, 14:26   #10
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It's a pity they simply don't have an in-stock or out of stock message on site to avoid this hassle.
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Old 26 May 2023, 23:38   #11
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If you can find them selling on eBay, they'll ship on time. If you order with them directly, be patient!
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Old 27 May 2023, 00:52   #12
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I understand that it's a one-man company, and that it can take up to two weeks (no more) to sort a product if displayed as out of stock.

But it's difficult to accept a product listed in-stock as actually out-of-stock. Just put pre-order if you can't ship. Put a notice if illness or vacation.

And it's difficult to accept more than two working days delay for a reply to email.

I'm not flaming or anything, in fact I'm grateful that AmigaKit exists, and I could do no better, because I have a full-time job. So I haven't.

We are all humans. But 2w (if showing out of stock) and 2d (email reply), any more and it really hurts reputation. Maybe a solution is to put limited monthly stocks, to meet expectation?
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Old 27 May 2023, 23:15   #13
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Order is still not shipped and I am going to leave the country this autumn probably
Would be completely silly if they will ship it after I'll leave
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Old 31 May 2023, 18:14   #14
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Amigakit do come on here. Have you tried PM’ing them on here?
Not really the done thing I know… But worth a try.
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Old 31 May 2023, 18:26   #15
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Originally Posted by Sgw32 View Post
They answered
If they answered you can at least change the topic to reflect it, it's as if you do bad publicity each times someone's makes a post
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