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Back on the Amiga, after twenty years...!


My brother and I recently bought a second hand Amiga 600 and have been having loads of fun playing sensible soccer and remembering the (literally) thousands of hours we must have spent playing Amiga games when we were younger!

The 600 we bought only came with a few games, neither of which were our favourites: SWIV and North and South. I've tried to find out how to get copies of these games but find it very confusing (apologies, I am not very PC literate!).

Could someone please explain the best way to do this? Are those games out of copyright? If so could I get copies from somewhere? If not, what are my options??

Thank you!

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Originally Posted by Rob78 View Post
Could someone please explain the best way to do this? Are those games out of copyright? If so could I get copies from somewhere? If not, what are my options??
The games are not out of copyright, but nobody's enforcing it, so you can find ADF files in many places, including the EAB ftp:

An ADF file is a floppy image, and to use it in a real Amiga you need some way to transfer the file the the Amiga and write it to an Amiga floppy using a special tool. If you only have a plain A600 with 1MB and no HDD, this is a tedious affair, but can be done, often with either a null-modem or a 720kB PC floppy.
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I'm the same mate a few weeks ago I had none now I own 2 500's a 1200 and a 600

One of my 500's is currently undergoing a black paint job
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Few things that you need to do with your A600:
1. Get an IDE to Cf adapter with CF card, and use it as a HD
2. Check if you have 1MB Chip RAM upgrade found under the trap door, if you dont, get it.
3. Get a fast memory upgrade, either from kipper2k (4MB http://kipper2k.com/amigaforsale/ ) or amigakit.
4. Get the PCMCIA to CF adapter so you can transfer ADFs from PC to Amiga.
5. Enjoy, there is more you can do, but that's for later !
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Wish I could upgrade my A500
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Thanks for the responses!


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