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"SERIOUS ERROR" message from PFS3

WHen I'm trying to boot i get a disconcerning message from PFS3. It pops up before workbench loads. This came out of nowhere. I have not changed the setup in any way. I have absolutely no luck getting a stable working A1200-setup these days

I've not managed to progress to workbench. After the message above I get a message saying:
"TD32 and Direct SCSI access modes failed!
Can't read block 6114674 (<4G)

Followed by:
"No disk present in device DH0"

"Retrying" just brings the massage back up, "canceling" brings me to a blank "AmigaDOS"-screen.

Now all of a sudden it won't boot at all with the HD's connected. I just get a black screen.
I have two scsi disks connected to my Blizzard 1260. I think this is a problem with the second disk and not the boot disk, as disconnecting the second disks boot's me into wb no problem. Does anyone know what is happening and how I can work this out?

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Toni Wilen
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If PFS3 fails to do any size validations (drive returns error), it refuses to mount the partition (=not a dos disk. No disk in drive probably means hardware problem and driver also "lost" the disk). Boot can still continue normally if problem is with non-boot drive/partitions.

I guess most likely reason is marginal power supply if you only get black screen/errors when both drives are connected.
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Both HDD's are connected to the PSU, I just unplugged one from the SCSI-controller.
This setup was working fine a couple of weeks ago, and it works fine when I unplug the second HDD. COuld it have just died quietly at some point, and is now preventing a boot due to some failure?
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Originally Posted by Overmann View Post
I just unplugged one from the SCSI-controller.

and it works fine when I unplug the second HDD.
Maybe the first HDD is required for SCSI bus termination?

"unexpected phase change" indicates a problem with the SCSI bus, in most cases termination-related.
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