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Ultima 7 works 'okay' if you have a very fast Amiga.
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Originally Posted by AmigaHope View Post
There is a cartridge patch for C128 Ultima V that eliminates the disk swapping, I believe. I think there also may be a 1581 version. Most of the files on the various disks are redundant so it was possible to shrink the game to a much smaller size.

The music on the C128 version is VASTLY better for the sheer fact that it has varied musical tracks throughout the game whereas the Amiga version just has one song that drones on and on. You can get a music patch for the MS-DOS version that adds the music in MIDI form but I still prefer the C128 music.

Yeah it's okay, though MS-DOS version with MIDI patch is arguably somewhat better.

As far as the original trilogy goes though the FM Towns versions arguably the best. Their music is a bit on the goofy side as are the sound effects, but the graphics are definitely the best.

FM Towns Ultima 1:

[ Show youtube player ]
hm Ultima on fm-towns, i'll check it out. Even if i'm not really into japanese PCs
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Or play them through a C64 emulator, and be done with it ! Plus the fact that C64 version of U4 has been granted the remastered treatment (enhanced graphics, less bugs & trained), check changelog here, download link here.
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