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MEGARACE PROBLEM! (Yes I know I'm a renegade how uses PC also)


Well here I am at an Amiga forum now asking help for PC prob (at least I have been blasting hours of chip-music via Deliplayer while solving this Now I'm asking help for all-mighty gurus!

I use dual-boot system with WinXP / Win98SE. I have several old dos-games that I play via Win98SE and most of them work 100%. Unfortunately some of my difficulties are concerned audio. I have SB 128PCI and I use WDM-drivers because only those give me audio track sound when playing data CD's with audio tracks. After installing these drivers all 'legacy-audio' settings and such disappeared so configuring sound card is now very limited under win98se.

One of my oldest Pc-CD games is an early 'multimedia-racer' called MEGARACE (CRYO 1994). Everything else works fine but I don't get any music at all. This is a pity when there's about 3 different sound effects and mostly silence because there's no motor engine sound!

This is difficult to solve because the installer and game itself is very limited what comes to sound properties. You can only choose music devices such: SB16, SBPro, SB&Compatbles and AdLib. Sound works fine with SBPro settings. On my previous PC music worked fine with AdLib settings and SB128. The Game cannot allow change any port settings if using AdLid. Only sttings that can be changed are 220 and 240 midiport settings when using SB16 or SBPro. Funny thing that it accepts those SBPro and AdLib as a music device but it still doesn't play any music! I have tried to manually change midiport as 330 (known to work under many other games) modifying '.bat'-file that the game creates. The only file created during installation is 'Megarace.bat' that contains game path, graphics, audio settings etc.

Now I'm asking is there anything that I could try to solve this. Is motherboard's resource-problems reason to studied with? I have two motherboard's resource settings in system->device management under win98se and other of those is somehow in conflict-state. Cannot solve this, maybe changing BIOS settings would help but then it affects to WinXP also.

If anyone could help even a bit I would appreciate...
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Sorry mate I can't offer any advice regarding Win98 but as an alternative Megarace is known to work on XP by using DOSBox, see here for details and an installer patch.
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Old 18 February 2008, 18:31   #3
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Thanks for your advice OddbOd. In fact I have visited that page allready. My next move is to install win98se over again. Funny though this present installation is made about 5 years ago with totally different machine. Then I changed hard disk to another PC and managed to get working Windows without re-installing it. Then I removed hd to my present PC with serious Win tweaking so no wonder my operating system is a bit "unstable", heh.

I hate installing Windows, yucks!! Well overall I hate PC machines, hmmm.... I must amuse myself with A500 during the awful installation procedure...

Overall I hate allkind of emulating because you get problems that wouldn't occur on a real hardware/software that the piece of game was originally designed. I must use my time and sort out why I get "you must log on as an administrator" -error while installing The VDMSound Project. Actually THIS IS an emulator to emulate older sound cards so emulators can be helpfull if you just manage to install them!
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Old 24 February 2008, 13:43   #4
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Phew! I have worked with this problem of mine and NOW I got music to work in DOS. That would be a great thing if only SOUND would work too!!!

So now I have two choices:

1. To play in Win with sounds only OR
2. To play in Dos with music only, brilliant! (Amiga musician Stephane Picq wrote the music

I changed my SB128 drivers from bulk to WDM to work in Win and now I get the sounds instead of music. How the hell I get both working??

It would help if I knew is the problem insufficient "conventional memory" or is it "incorrect DMA value" as the game suggests in Dos. In Win the AdLid and Sound Blaster compatble sound card is detected!! It seems like the game would play the music in Win with WDM-drivers but I don't get any sound, weird...

Well, must seek help from the wonderfull magic zone of the world wide web...
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If you're still having problems with the sound you may want to try running it in dosbox.
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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
If you're still having problems with the sound you may want to try running it in dosbox.
yes dosbox is the only solution, it works really great
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