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Originally Posted by PatmanQC View Post
Can someone point me to this muff? Asking for a friend.

Just google it, it's betty boops boobs you get to see and jessica rabbit spreads her legs when she crashes the car near the end.

There are also some boobs in the rescuers:

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Originally Posted by Marce View Post
Don bluth is just an old nerd brainwashed by playboy and the poorn of the 80's

a princess showing big tits and wearing a tong? : really grotesque
This was due to limitations of the hardware at the time.
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Originally Posted by Marce View Post
thanks guys for the comments, ross and malko

It is always nice to share comments between old wolves of the arcades, even if we have not lived the same experiences or have the same tastes


It shows in this game how American and Yankee it is, together with a white knight: instead of a princess there is a whore with a seductive voice +seductive movements who shows her tits and wears clothes from a stripper club : pathetic

you can tell the guys at readysoft and the creators of this were addicted to 80s poor nn , otherwise I can't understand
the same thing for space ace, instead a girl or a princess there is a slut
You are a severely disturbed person.
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Originally Posted by Tigerskunk View Post
You are a severely disturbed person.

To be fair, this game was a masterpiece. The graphics, storyline and general gameplay was great for its time and considering it was ported from the arcade pretty much better than one could have hoped.

If you're looking for the more derogatory type of games, then you don't have to look far to Leisure Suit Larry and that was outright overt display but it was marketed as such as well.

Certainly, I think it would be unfair to call this game for weirdos, slutty etc.
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I feel it was a bit of a let-down and more could have been done with the gameplay using the graphics. Ultimately, however it was done, it would still have been shitty minigames.
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I wouldn't know what more could be done with it. It remains an interactive cartoon but without a story. Telltale games were essentially the improved version of this game because they had a very good and sometimes even excellent story.

The console versions tried to do something else with it to get around technical limitations... it didn't work out so well.
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