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Old 18 March 2018, 15:21   #1
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Hooooo Development dead?

No updates for quite some time. Is dev for FS dead? I know it has to wait for WinUAE updates but FS has always had its own unique features.

Was hoping to see more WinUAE features implemented. Especially for us poor old Mac users.
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the titles in the database are emulated properly almost 100%.
so what do you expect from a new version ? a new version just for the sake of a new version ?
also there is a LOT of things going on on FS-GS it's just different platforms not amiga.

and also keep in mind frode is all on his own here and maybe he have other things of interest at the moment.
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Old 19 March 2018, 03:55   #3
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Development versions are still produced albeit at a slightly slower pace so I would expect a new stable release eventually.

To thevoice: well, the interface still can be enhanced, emulation is not the only thing which make FS-UAE interesting, ease of use and user experience also are its main selling points as well as portability to other platforms.

There is always something to improve on a software.
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Old 19 March 2018, 17:42   #4
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@thevoice - it's not only about games; during 2.9.x development there was a regression introduced in filesystem emulation which sometimes crashes the emulator during heavy I/O load. Also, WinUAE greatly improved OS4 support (uaegfx, filesystem).

Nevertheless, maybe Frode got bored (happens...), maybe he just can't spend much time on FS-UAE nowadays - doesn't really matter. He already did A LOT to the community - even to WinUAE users, who got 64-bit JIT and (partially thanks to Frode) QEMU PPC emulation, we should all be very grateful to him!
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Old 19 March 2018, 17:53   #5
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A little off-topic, but I've always felt that WinUAE, FS-UAE and any others should just be GUI's to the UAE core. Doing so means all features implemented into UAE would be immediately available to all platforms with no porting work required (a few #ifdef's in the source would take care of platform specific code).

FS-UAE is lagging because it's a port rather than a GUI. Conversely, WinUAE is missing (?) netplay code because they're using 2 different codebases.

Everyone should be committing to one codebase and anyone that wants to build a GUI (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Amiga, whatever) can do so without having to worry about emulation.
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Old 20 March 2018, 13:28   #6
FS-UAE Developer
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It's not dead But it is true that development pace is slow nowadays, but short version:

- I do want to release a new stable version soon, because the dev version is better.
- Updates from WinUAE has slowed down due to a problem I haven't figured out yet (but to be honest haven't looked at that in a good while).
- As thevoice mentioned, I've worked more on allowing the underlying Launcher/Arcade/OpenRetro infrastructure to work with platforms other than Amiga.
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Yeah, good news !
Perpetual lurker as far as I'm concerned, thanks for your work !!
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