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Old 26 March 2003, 15:08   #1
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Lost in Limbo CD32

Hey. I was just flicking through an old CD32 mag and I found a four page feature on some atrosity called Lost in Limbo. Also found my playable demo of it as well. Did it ever get released? Or did it fall off the edge of the world

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Old 26 March 2003, 15:10   #2
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This one was unreleased, as far as I can remember
How big is the demo?
Old 26 March 2003, 15:17   #3
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damn. iv'e just put the cd somewhere and I can't remember where....argh
I'm sure it'll turn up
Iv'e managed to find the other 9 CD32 demo cd's...rah
no luck
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Old 21 June 2008, 16:50   #4
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I know this is a really old thread, but if any of you guys have the ability to find and upload a copy of the demo to http://lotl.wikia.com -- that would be completely awesome!
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Limbo of the Lost CD32 Demo

So, I'm sure a lot of people here are aware of the craziness going on with the Limbo of the Lost plagiarism scandal right now. There was apparently a CD32 demo of the game that was released on a CD32 Gamer magazine coverdisc. If any of you guys have the ability to find and upload a copy of the demo, that would be completely awesome! If you need any information about the game or the scandal, it's all here -- http://lotl.wikia.com
Old 22 June 2008, 00:32   #6
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Yeah it was discussed last month:

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Old 22 June 2008, 07:23   #7
Yeah Hup!

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I just upped it to the zone. I only zipped the folder from the cd tho...
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Old 22 June 2008, 11:20   #8
Ya' like it Retr0?
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wasn't this game a rip off of guy-spy??
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Old 03 July 2008, 03:28   #9
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I just tried playing the demo. It looks like barely a demo at all to me. I can't figure out anything to DO in it! I can pull a torch off the wall in one screen, and it's pretty clear that I need to take a severed head and add it to a cauldron on a second screen, but I can't figure out if there are any other screens beyond those two and I certainly can't figure out how to get at that severed head. Does anyone have a walkthrough or at least some hints to this demo?

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