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[Found: Breed 96] moon management game?

It was a public domain game, viewed from above you placed buildings and linked them up with roads, you could build space ships and fight other races or trade with them. Not sure but you might have been able to have more than one base on another moon or planet. Also I think you had to save your base from alien attack on the ground with moon buggies?

Just to add I say moon management as I just remember it looking like a moon surface is grey but it could easily have been a planet, though I don't remember trees or anything like, more like a barren surface.

I know I had to build enough energy stations to maintain my housing etc, usual managment stuff.

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Moon city?

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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
Nope that's not it.
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It isn't Millennium 2.2


Edit: No it's not, because I didn't read your post properly
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Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser View Post
It isn't Millennium 2.2


Edit: No it's not, because I didn't read your post properly
Bah nope.
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Breed 96?
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Big grin

Originally Posted by CodyJarrett View Post
YES! knew it as soon as I saw the name, thanks CJ
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Actually this game is quite excellent so I will try to write a small review.

It seems a bit primitive, even shallow at first but it is absolutely not. It is a great blend of a variety of gameplay styles and is intuitive and playable enough to entertain you for quite some time. As many games today are trying to simplify certain approaches to all kinds of strategicals, Breed was (in my opinion of course) an effort to mix certain genres while squeezing in enough playability to make it fun.

Small excursion:
For example in the 4x sector, recent indie game Endless Space tries to streamline Master of Orion 2 and similar games. While it actually succeeds in making it fun, immersive and comes with loads of style, it also somehow fails at intuitivity a little and also lacks a lot of depth. This depth and complexity, however, is something people just came to "expect" from games such as this. It does not make games like Endless Space "bad" but in the eyes of many fans of the genre, it fails to deliver. I also like MOO2 most, for example, but it does tend to loose some appeal after a long time of micro-managing your colonies and fighting enemies with little variety in very bland battle-screens. Games like Endless Space definitely focus more on eliminating weaknesses such as these.

Back to topic, of course you cannot directly compare Breed 96 to games like Endless Space. Both of them try, however, to combine certain strategy elements in a fun way that is not overstraining the player. Yet many players will see games like Breed as too simplified and lacking an approrpriate complexity. Breed is a fun game that has elements of RTS games, a bit of Sim City and even Starflight as you can actually drive around a planet surface and also shoot aliens from your vehicle.

It does have one flaw, though: there is no ingame music whatsoever. After a nice intro tune you are thrown into silence, like in so many other good strategy games of old. While this is important to me, it's not important to most people in general and some listen to their own music while playing games anyway so just enjoy this game and give it a try (don't forget it was just a shareware game back in the day)

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