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Question Futuristic-like PD game

Can anyone help me discover the identity of this game?

I remember one good game that appeared on an Amiga Mania coverdisk back in the early '90s. It had a rather futuristic tone, and I think a lot of light (?) green and black was used (?). One of the things I definitely remember (probably because I saw it a lot) was the before-level-start screen, which showed green fireworks going up and exploding, and showed, at the bottom, a few details regarding the incoming level and a "press fire to continue". It had top class music as well. I think the thing you controlled (can't remember whether it was a ship or what) automatically moved forward and you chose which direction it should go with the joystick, and it probably left a trail (?) or something. Another thing I can remember well is that it had some kind of level editor.

Unfortunately that's pretty much all I remember.

I still hope though the above info available is enough for someone to think what game I'm talking about.
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I scroll throug my collection of Amiga Mania. This is some of the games I found:
Nr 11/12 (The last issue) THE HELLRUN MACHINE. The object of the game is to pick up all the flashing objects on one level. There are 50 levels. + and Level editor.
august 92: GALAXY BLAST. In every level you will find bases and supply stations in which weapons and hostages are kept. From here weapons can be obtained and hostages released. The object of the game is to find all the bases in the three levels, and to release the hostages, then you must find the exit and the game is won
March 92 (First Issue):BRAIN BALL (I don't have this issue so I don't know what this is about)
I don't have the disks so I don't know if they are the right ones

Picture is taken from: amiga.emugaming.com, they have a lot of information about computermagazines.
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