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Futuristic top down sports game in 5 part pitch

Hi there

I am looking for a game that I played on the Amiga in the early 90s.

The concept was a futuristic team sport where competitors were on flying discs and had to knock the ball into the net. I don't think you could pick the ball up and just bounced into it.

The view was top down, like speed ball.

It was unusual because each match was a 3 way contest, with 1 player team and 2 computer teams.

The pitch was unusual in 5 square sections, with a central square, and additional squares at north, east, south and west. There was a goal on the outer edge of each of the outer squares. There were also goals on the edges joing the inner and outer squares, but these just moved the game to the joining square when the ball was knocked into it.

Each square filled a screen.

The game started in the central square, but you could only score in one of the outer squares. I think all teams could score in the bottom square.

Control was with joystick I think. You moved quite slowly like that. If you pressed the fire button I think it launched you quickly directly towards the ball. You could also barge into opposing players.

Really hope you can help me
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Woo hoo

Oh my god that was quick. Yes, that's definitely it.

Just order a GP2X, really hope it plays on it

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