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[N00b Question] Problems Opening CF Card using CF->PCMCIA Adaptor on A1200

As In Title really, how do I access .ADF Files stores on a compact flash card using the pcmcia slot? I can't seem to find any function that will allow me to do this. I've scoured google and have only found really cryptic suggestions. I've not used this a1200 for about 10 years so i'm mega rusty

If anyone could give an abslute straight answer that would be brilliant
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Magno Boots
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This little util on aminet may help..

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awesome mate, thankyou, gonna try it now
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it's 'sort' of coming back to me now, trying to install LHA, but failing miserably lol.

I've copied lha_e138.run to C:, but when I try to run it, it says 'Unknown Command', What am I doing wrong?
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Try lha_e138.run x xxx.lha to RAM:
- x (eXtract) LHA eXtracts compressed FILE with pathnames
- xxx.lha is the file you want to extract
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what? lha_e138.run AFAIK is just the self-extracting lha package. mark the file on workbench, see it's properties and change it to executable. then it will run and extract the lha package...
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sorted lol, for some reason the terminal screen wasn't showing that there was a comma at the end of the filename, so when I tried to run the file i was getting confused, I just discovered my stupid blunder by going through workbench, show all
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Right, it's saying that it's succesfully mounted the device as cf0, but I can't seem to access it, and the readme file doesn't go into great detail, anyone have any hints?

Ooh, it's saying that cf0 has 0k capacity, does that mean the cards not compatible ?


Double checked connection and pins, it's saying there is no disk in the drive after attempting to format, even after CF0: has been mounted, I'm assuming it douesn't like the adaptor or card, gonna try a different set tommorow

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After much faffing, I asked the guy at amigakit which card would be comptaible, and he sold a 512mb Kingston card, works great!

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