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Glad you got it working!
On a bit of a tangent, I looked at something else tonight. I had some parts to put into my real A1200, which also has loads of other games installed, so I thought I would try the saved game from Lemmings 2 that came with the Martin Good AGA levels.
It's a weird little package, it seems to have been used for testing, as different saves have different sets of levels completed. The most it has is 8/12 tribes complete though (It has a save for only Classic Lemmings done, then ones with 3, 5, 7 and then 8 (still marked as only 7) tribes completed). I think these must have been cheated into being rather than actually played through, although one did have a tribe with not perfect numbers of Lemmings saved, so maybe that was a real play through.
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I finally managed to decode the complete map data structure of Hired Guns with the help of Dunny, Devlin and nivrig from the Official Commodore Amiga Discord server. Next step is to code a map editor with Windows Forms to see if everything checks out.
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