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Red face Scavengers....

Hello folks..
First of all, I'm new on this forum, but have been a faithful Amigaowner/user since 1988..
36 years old (young), living in Norway, and my main occupation is electronic engineering/development and serviceing.
Current lineup is several A500's and an A500+, A600, A1200 and CD32 + div hardware, Blizzard1230/50, CF-drives, 1084/1942-monitors ++ Loads of fun stuff..

Emulators are great fun, both for experimenting and for newcomers to the Amiga community, but, to be honest, If you like it, buy the Real Thing..
(It's like jerking of to a Jessica Alba-poster, when you could be screwing the real thing.. It got the looks, but lacks the feeling.. )

Second, I'm very pleased to see that both the Amiga and C64 community is gathering more and more attention and both old users and newcomers are gaining interest in these wonderful pieces of hard/software!
And, many (many-many) thanx to all the people behind (and the dedicated users of) this board, Amibay, Amigamanuals, Aminet +++ every other person that does an effort to preserve Amiga hardware, documentation and software in any form!! Remarkable effort is done!

And now.. The subject..
There's a lot of "scavengers" out on eBay selling parts for/from machines, guess you already figured that, haha..
So far, nothing wrong with that, but...

It's extremely sad to see people dismantling and scavenging motherboards for chips, leaving both chips and motherboards looking like they're beeing ruthlessly attacked by manic monkeys, suffering badly from Parkinson, equipped with a king size anglegrinder on the loose...

And marked "Used - As new"..

Normally, there's a reason for the number of legs on each chip, and they are supposed to use them all, mostly...

I'm just begging.. Atleast, go buy a God damn chip-extractor, for heavens sake.. So you don't ruin valueable chips and don't ripp-off your customers who believe they buy good stuff...
I have bought several mobo's where e.g. Agnus is removed with a something Dremel'ish or very(!!!!) large screwdriver.. Same with Paula, Denise and Gary.. The sockets and mobo's are essentially ruined, and I can only imagine the shape of the poor chips that were molested out of their safe haven..
Or.. I know how they look, after buying them.. Bought from several guys, and all seem to like the idea of bending all the legs to quite interesting shapes.. They come in both V, L, N, S and M-shapes.. And even with some leges broken off..
Ppl. doing this to Amiga hardware makes me very sad..
So, If you are one of the molestors out there, buy an extractor..

And by the way, I have successfully restored and recovered many mobo's with quite extensive corrotion, so everything is not lost, even if it looks quite green/gray..
So, if in doubt, please ask, and I might be able to help you at a very reasonable price, for the sake of preserving precious hardware!
At work, I have sophisticated equipment for doing electronic repairs, like SMD-soldering/desolderingfacilities, analyzers, cleaningequipment etc., and I have quite a lot of spareparts and chips available for most Amiga-mobo's..
(Normally I don't sell parts without doing repairs...)

So.. Please be gentle!

Now: Happy computing...!

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well said, far too much Amiga 'molesting' going on. Nice to see someone with electrical skills on here as well, a rarity!
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