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I agree with most of your assessment, but need to defend Haynie here:
He had nothing to do with Hombre.
His own plans at the time were primarily the "Acutiator".

(A prozessor and chipset independent board design)
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Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
CD32/A1200 machines were "7mhz" crippled 14mhz 020 with a 256 colour mode slower than Amiga 1000 extra half brite due to shitty DMA bus design and exactly the same sound hardware....wooopee doo.

Interesting, can you expand it?
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@Ras Voja

I have a Vampire V4 stand alone and legacy seems very preserved to me. It seems like a more advanced classic Amiga with better features. Also, I like the small form factor, very portable.
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aking it bigger then it is. Just like V2 its just cheap FPGA developer board sold expensive due to time involved in core
Making EMC-compliant multilayer board for BGA FPGA isn't trivial in the first place and that design doesn't copy any existing fpga dev board - it is created entirely for that particular purpose (fitting to Amiga - even V4SA was created to comply with that but was later on downgraded to standalone so no external 68k interface present while still having it on PCB). And as for softcore - sure, it is just a decade or so ... of time spent on working on the project. Why exactly should they charge any less? You want something free... there's TG68. It's too slow for you? Well that's just too bad. Either develop something cheaper and competitive yourself or stop spamming nonsense. Performance wise we already have PiStorm which has it's own problems but is faster and cheaper. We're still waiting for Buffee and co. to reach ready to delivery status. But as far as it goes to Amiga turbo Apollo team does offer atm compact, mature and compatible solution while all other are either beta or alpha testing stage. Nobody force you to buy one. And as far as this topic goes it is not about Apollo and their vision of amiga chipset but it is about Hombre which was project breaking most of the compatibility with classic amiga. Something which should've been done long time ago with no looking back and with compatibility provided through software means. Why? Because it IS hampering progress.
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