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Happy 30th Birthday Amiga and Atari ST!

It's a time to light those candles upon that tasty cake, as both the Commodore Amiga and the Atari ST are celebrating their 30th anniversary. That's right, it's 30 years to this day that the Amiga was launched, and last month it was the Atari ST!

EAB has been sourced too!

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Amiga is 30 today.....

Not the greatest article on Eurogamer though:


Happy Birthday!!
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Happy 30th Birthday Amiga

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Amiga is my Goddess
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Happy birthday to the best computer in the universe!

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Amiga 30 year release date anniversary today.

Hello everyone,

I have just registered here and wanted to mention about today being the 30 year anniversary for the release of the Amiga 1000. A very significant day in the world of computing and gaming.

I have visited this site for Amiga information and had been meaning to register for a while. I decided to register today to be able to post and mark this historic occasion. Also, my registration date will be the 30 year anniversary as well.

Happy Amiga-ing to you all and long live the Amiga!

Regards, StuAMiGArt.

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So welcome here And regarding to that anniversary here is a german article from a well known magazine:


They congratulate the Amiga too.
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Happy bday!
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Happy birthday to the Amiga!

Here's a video report on the Amiga's birthday and the recent Amiga event in Amsterdam, from a Dutch tech news site: http://tweakers.net/video/10600/30-j...acomputer.html
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Happy birthday baby
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I don't know about anyone else, but with the news of the new motherboards, accelerators, and other peripherals from Jens, and the Kickstarter to make new A1200 housings and possibly new keyboards, I'm getting a really great vibe about the course of the Amiga platform as it stands right now. Look, I think it's probably a pipe dream to ever imagine the Amiga taking on Microsoft or Apple in this day and age, but the efforts going to keep Amiga going and move it forward incrementally is kinda exciting.
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I was here, I was there. One of the few constants in my life, the Amiga. Happy birthday!
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The Amiga turns 30—“Nobody had ever designed a personal computer this way”
Our epic, eight-part series on the history of the Amiga.

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30 Years old, wow! You wear it well

Thats some doing for an old pile of silicon and plastic.

I am surrounded by Amiga's. Now if they were only female and caring to my every whim I would die a VERY happy man lol.

"Happy 30th Birthday Amiga"
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I'm congratulating even if it's a computer - because it's THE computer! Ah yes, Amiga... still the best!
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Oh dam it... i was a bit late to the party.

My age has noting to do with this .
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Happy birthday Amiga!
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Title is confusing, as its not the AtariST's 30th birthday.
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