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Massive job lot of Boxed Amiga Software + Disks

Soooooooo bare with me on this one. Im a new member and recently joined the forums here purely because of this little lot.

I recently was given my fathers old collection of Amiga games. I used to enjoy playing them with him when I was but a wee boy but now they have been boxed for quite a few years and it is time to move them on to someone who may enjoy them more than I can. I have spent the last two days digging through them and listing them. All in all there are 152 games in boxes and cases, the vast majority of which are in old, large style boxes. There is another 100 loose disks in 4 storage cases. These are mostly made up of magazine demos, various softwares etc.

So basically a LOT of disks. Before I list all of them ( which took a lifetime and made me die a little inside) I will add the all important disclaimer! These games and disks have NOT been checked. As far as I am aware they are all complete and work fine however they have not been used for many years and I have no way of testing them and even if I did I would not have the time or patience to do so. The boxes are all in good to excellent condition, most of them having looked like they just came off the shelf albeit a bit dusty in the case of some of them. Also I have not gone through each box to ensure all disks, books and instructions are present. Again, there is no reason why any should be missing but I can not guarantee all games are complete and they are sold as such. Additional items such as promotional gifts may or may not be included in the boxes.

I would like to sell these all as one job lot purely because I do not have the time, knowledge or inclination to list, sell and post these individually. The ideal scenario would be the games are collected by the buyer. The games are all stored in two big removal boxes that weigh a TON and would be pretty expensive to post in the UK. Abroad postage would be LOL high and therefore I will ONLY post within the UK. Please message with a postcode for a postage cost in the UK if you need one.

These are also advertised elsewhere.

Ok the price. I have been researching Amiga games for the last few nights and will list a price of £500. Payment by Paypal gift please or cash on collection. This is for forum requirements. Had I only had a few games I would have researched each ones worth more thoroughly however 152 boxed and cased games is beyond my abilities hence the price which may or may not seem out. So I am open to nearby offers and will adjust my price accordingly if need be. Please no silly offers though. If you have any questions please just ask away but for the time being please no requests to split them. So, onto the list. It is as follows:


Thunder Blade. Boxed
Obliterator. Boxed
Batman. Boxed
Conflict Europe. Boxed
Laser Squad. Boxed
Barbarian. Boxed
Dick Tracy. Boxed
Exodus Ultima III.Boxed
Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny.Boxed
Lost Patrol. Boxed
Pioneer Plague. Boxed
Operation Wolf.Boxed
Paladin. Plastic Case
Sherman M4. Boxed
Altered Beast.Boxed
Kick Off 2. Boxed
Pro Sound Gold edition. Boxed
The Spy Who Loved Me. Boxed
Stellar Crusade.Boxed
Keef The Thief.Boxed
F29 Retaliator.Boxed
The Untouchables.Boxed
Empire: Wargame of the Century.Boxed
Star Fleet 1:The War Begins.Boxed
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar.Boxed
Knights of the Crystallion. U.S GOLD.Boxed
Swords of Twilight.Boxed
Curse of the Azurebonds. D&D.Boxed
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Free sew on patch.Boxed
Supercars II. Boxed
Battlehawks 1942. Boxed
Joe Blade II. Free Joe Blade. Boxed
Superman: The Man of Steel.Boxed
Heroes of the Lance. D&D.Boxed
Gettysberg: The Turning Point.Boxed
Pipe Mania.Boxed
The Kristal.Boxed
Forgotten Worlds.Boxed
Mafdet and the Book of the Dead.Boxed
Rocket Ranger.Boxed
Sim City.Boxed
Purple Saturn Day.Boxed
Robocop 2.Boxed
Questron II.Boxed
Federation Of Free Traders.Boxed
Precious Metal: Crazy Cars, Xenon, Arkanoid, Captain Blood.Boxed
Double Dragon.Boxed
Rogue Trooper. Graphic novel.Boxed
Captain Blood.Boxed
Batman: The Caped Crusader.Boxed
Ghouls N Ghosts.Boxed
Lords of the Rising Sun.Boxed
Battle Valley.Boxed
Full Metal Planete.Boxed
License To Kill.Large CD Style Case
Fighter Bomber.Boxed
Star Command.Boxed
The Hunt for Red October.Boxed
Barbarian:The Ultimate Warrior. X2. CD style case
Shadow of the Beast.Boxed
Shadow of the Beast II.Boxed
Insanity Fight.CD style case
Rainbow Islands.CD style case
The Bards Tale.CD style case
Garrison I-II.CD style case
Ikari WarriorsCD style case
Thundercats.CD style case
Lemmings. CDTV CD
Utilities experience vol 1.CD style case
The sound library and graphic workshop.CD style case
World of clipart plus.CD style case
Octamed 6.CD style case
Amiga CD32 Video creator.CD style case
The demo collection for Amiga CDTV.CD style case
The CDPD Public domain collection for CDTV.CD style case
Amigas users guide to graphics, sound and telecommunications.CD style case
Superbase Personal relational Database System.Boxed
Photon Paint.Boxed
Musix X.Boxed
Disney Presents The Animation Studio.Boxed
Drum Studio.Boxed
Video Frame Grabber.Boxed
Persian Gulf Inferno.Boxed
Hero Quest: Return of the Witch Lord. Bagged.
Wolfchild. Bagged.
Wizball.CD style case
North and South.Boxed
The Bards Tale II.CD style case
Impossible Mission II.
Shadow Sourcerer. D&D. Bagged.
Lombard Rally. Bagged
Brat. Bagged.
Super Sim Pack. International 3d tennis, Crazy Cars II, Italy 1990, Airbourne Ranger. Bagged.
Screaming Wings.CD style case
Pink Panther. Plastic Case
Savage.CD style case
Powermonger. COPY. Bagged.
Battle Chess.CD style case
Buggy Boy. CD Style Case
Ferrari Formula One.CD style case
Bionic Commando.CD style case
Shadowgate. Book
Galactic Invasion. LP style case.
The Faerytale Adventure. LP style case.
Archon II: Adept. Plastic Case
Fusion.CD style case
Sidewinder.CD style case
Rocky: Kingsize.CD style case
Outlaw.CD style case
Pandora.CD style case
Silent Service II.Boxed
M.U.D.S. Mean.Ugly.Dirty.Sport.Boxed
Rorkes Drift.Boxed
The Viking Child.Boxed
Beverley Hills Cop. Plastic case
Team Yankee.Boxed
Wonderland: Dream the Dream.Boxed
Starglider 2.Boxed
Carrier Command.Boxed
Xenon 2: Megablast.Boxed
Hillsfar. D&D.Boxed
Nucleus/Bug bash.Boxed
Major Motion.Boxed
Leaderboard Golf.Boxed
UMS: The Universal Military Simulator.Boxed
Action Stations.Boxed


Amiga Workbench ver 3.0
Amiga Fonts ver 3.0
Amiga Extras ver 3.0
Locale ver 3.0
Storage ver 3.0
Squirrel SCSI Master disk
Pagestream 2.2 AM
Aminet sampler software disk 1of2
Aminet sampler software disk 2of2
Questron II character disk
Format Superdisk No8 February 1989
Format Superdisk No9 March 1989
Format Superdisk No11 May 1989
Format Superdisk No13 July 1989
ZERO May 1990
ZERP September 1990-
ZERO October 1990
ZERO February 1991
ZERO March 1991
Amiga PD Collection Number 1
Rampage issue 4 Disk 1
Rampage issue 4 Disk 2
Rampage issue 5 Disk 1
Rampage issue 5 Disk 2
Rampage issue 3 Disk 1
Rampage issue 3 Disk 2
Amiga Format September 1989 Coverdisk 2
Amiga Format October 1989 Coverdisk 3
Amiga Format December 1989 Coverdisk 5
Amiga Format January 1990 Coverdisk 6
Amiga Format February 1990 Coverdisk 7
Amiga Format March 1990 Coverdisk 8
Amiga Format May 1990 Coverdisk 10
Amiga Format June 1990 Coverdisk 11
Amiga Format August 1990 Coverdisk 13
Amiga Format November 1990 Coverdisk 16
Amiga Format Coverdisk 17
Amiga Format Coverdisk 18
Amiga Format Coverdisk 19
Amiga Format Coverdisk 20
Amiga Format Coverdisk 21
Amiga Format May 1990 Coverdisk 22
Amiga Format November 1988
Amiga Format April 1990
Amiga Format September 1990
Amiga computing September 1989
Amiga computing October 1989
Amiga computing November 1989
Amiga computing December 1989
Amiga computing January 1990
Amiga computing June 1990
Amiga computing July 1990
Amiga computing August 1990
Amiga computing September 1990
Amiga computing October 1990
Amiga computing November 1990
Amiga computing December 1990
Amiga computing January 1991
Amiga computing March 1991
Amiga computing April 1991
Amiga computing May 1991
Amiga computing June 1991
The Final Day Unrealeased game from Amiga Fun.
Mysterious World. Full game from Amiga Fun Issue 2 December 1990
Merv The merciless demo ZERO cover game.
Amiga 500. The very first English version P/N 380921-02 14.07.87
ST Amiga Format Superdisk 10
ST Amiga Format No6 December 1988
ST Amiga Format No7 January 1989
Amiga 500/2000 Amiga extras 1.2 Amiga Basic 1.2 International 27.04.87
Amiga 500 Workbench 1.2 International 23.04.87
CU Amiga Disk 86 July 1994 with GB route and Elfmania
Copy Of Empire
Amiga Textcraft v1.1
Gettysburg: The Turning Point
Art Parts I
Art Parts #2
Rick Dangerous Complete new level Demo
Starfleet 1:The War Begins
Breach Programme Disk
Photon Paint Program Disk
Comic Art General Clip Art
Comic Setter Program Disk 1.0
Its only Rock and Roll
Hot and Cool Jazz
Dluxe Music Construction Set
Amiga Format OctaMed
Instant Music
Loopz/Moonshine Racer Demo ZERO April 1991
Ilyad Full game Amiga Action Disk 6
Artura Complete game ZERO May 1991
Brat Demo
Rotoplex Demo
Interphase complete game. Amiga Format
CU Amiga Disk 14
AUI Userdisk No 1
Your Amiga Z-Out Level one
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If you ever decide not to sell as a job lot I'm really interested in

Federation Of Free Traders.Boxed
Rocket Ranger.Boxed
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Originally Posted by Neil79 View Post
If you ever decide not to sell as a job lot I'm really interested in

Federation Of Free Traders.Boxed
Rocket Ranger.Boxed
Thank you but for now at least I would like to sell as one lot as I dont have the time to sell individually.

I am open to offers as a whole
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if only i had a spare £500 lol, and I'm only 20 miles away
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Originally Posted by mikey2002kent View Post
if only i had a spare £500 lol, and I'm only 20 miles away
You and me both
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Originally Posted by mikey2002kent View Post
if only i had a spare £500 lol, and I'm only 20 miles away
Originally Posted by Neil79 View Post
You and me both
Nearby offers listened to
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Originally Posted by Wonderer View Post
Nearby offers listened to
I saw on Amibay that you might be relisting at some point as seperate items, so please please give me a shout when Federation Of Free Traders is available as I'd like to buy that one of you! That game brings back some childhood memories
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