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OS3.9 graphics corruption when setting changed to put icons in "Other Memory"

Last night I changed the setting in the "Workbench" prefs that loads icons into either "Graphics Memory" or "Other Memory".

(Rather embarrassingly, I didn't even know this setting existed until I happened to read it in another thread! )

When set to "Graphics Memory", everything works fine and is 100% stable.

When set to "Other Memory", icon graphics are corrupt. They look fine until I try clicking or dragging them, and then they look corrupt (graphics are scrambled, for want of a better description). Thin bands of corrupt graphics appear across the whole width of the screen, particularly when accessing large directories. Also, after a few minutes of use, Workbench crashes (the whole screen turns a kind of semi-opaque white and the message "Workbench failed, Suspend/Reboot" appears.

Any suggestions? My system is solid as a rock otherwise. I've commented FBlit, NewWPA8, BlazeWCP, and other patches out of the start-up sequence, and it still happens.

I know I could just leave this setting alone, but obviously it saves a lot of chipram and makes it easier to load games and demos that require every last byte.

Setup: A1200, Apollo 1240/40 32MB, OS3.9 BB2, 8GB CF card and DVD/CD-RW connected to IDEfix adapter.

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Corrupted icon graphics when selecting/moving them about also happens when using FBlit and NewIconsV4 in RTG mode under KS/WB3.0 - except that it's only the icons that get corrupted and Workbench doesn't crash.

Solution is probably to use a real graphics card.
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But it's a standard OS option, not a hack, so surely it should work?

I think I'll backup my CF card and then do a fresh install of OS3.9 (no boing bags at first) and then add things one by one whilst always checking for corruption.

If I can isolate the cause of the problem, I'll report back in case somebody finds it useful.

BTW, the problem doesn't occur in WinUAE at all, using the same CF card with all patches applied, including FBlit!

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It's a standard OS option, but some of those options are 'official' hacks incorporated into the distribution.
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