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Big grin Is the Hardwired intro from a movie?

Dear all =)

The intro/movie Hardwired starts with. Is that from a movie?

It looks as if it was draw/rendered and not captured from somewhere?

I suppose the cool about the intro is the graphics? Or have I misunderstood the effect?

Sandra =)
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I think I can provide some not pure opinion observations why Hardwired as a whole is cool -- those opinions include the intro, but since the intro is short (excluding loading time) it's not the lion's share of the observations.

At the same time, each individual receives a release and at least can have a difficult time to not instantly make up their minds, despite observational drawbacks and merits. Many are the demos that were rejected and not swapped because of not enough action in the first seconds or the same effects as yesteryear with not enough gfx/music to compensate.

If then you instantly object to the intro, I boldly suggest it's because you can't get past that the hero (well, victim! ) is (close to) middle age. Plenty of those in the movie Aliens, and in all the 80s movies, and in the 1969 movie 2001, and I think a bunch of movies is what inspired the intro. As in, that's why a balding old guy being eaten by bugs would be perceived cool then.

The most probable reason for the intro to occupying an entire disk is that a gfx artist convinced the groups. Balle would go on to create 3D gfx on Amiga with the likes of Tobias Richter and others. The intro is what Balle could produce for a demo release at the time, and it's a short, high quality movie script. It provides action at the start, and then there is demo.

The gfx are a combination of drawing, rendering, and photo conversions. The intruder alert scene features alpha with conversion and dithering, which was mostly only available on workstations in 1992. After that, it trickled down -- not quite to home computers, unless you spent the equivalent of a workstation to expand it.

Of course it's not impossible to produce something of this standard with an A500 and Deluxe Paint, but I share what I observe.
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Hardwired demonstrates that the Amiga could create something that you'd think came out of a movie (still love the combination of visuals and sounds in that intro). In my opinion that was the whole point of the intro.
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I love the intro, that cockroach is so well animated.
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