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Help please - Making Frankenstein os3.0 with os3.5/9 bits


I have a towered A1200 with large hard drives (>8 gb) a compact flash card reader (via an ide adaptor) and cd rom drive.

It has updated 3.1 roms and used to have an Apollo A1240 accelerator which has just died and gone to be -I hope - repaired.

My problem is I now cannot boot the A1200 as the HDs have 3.9 installed and this takes too much memory for a stock A1200.

Is it possible to modify os3.0 to read large hard drives? I have the os3.5 and os3.9 cds and can move the compact flash card to a PC if need be, but would prefer to do as much as possible on the A1200.

I used to have idefix 97 (registered) but cannot find the disk and think that moving stuff from the 0s3.5/9 cds onto a compact flash card which is mainly os3.0 might work.

Will I need to create an emergency disk somehow? The PC does not have a floppy drive and the Amiga does not have a 1.4mb pc drive so shifting stuff around this way is a non starter. Its going to have to be via the compact flash card.

So what do I need to move?

I'm gussing;

  • setpatch
  • scsi.device
  • ffs (the hard drives are ffs)
Could someone tell me where these are on the cd and if I need anything else?

Thanks in hope.
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You can use the splitromupdate program from blizkick to extract scsi.device from the AmigaOS ROM update and loadmodule to load it.
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Thanks for the reply Thomas. I am afraid that my IQ dropped to zero while reading it though.

I am not familiar with blizkick as I have never owned a card that could remap kickstart to ram and had never heard of loadmodule until I did a quick Aminet search.

To be honest I would prefer to try and keep things 'stock' if possible, so without using clever work arounds. That said maybe there is no other way?

Sorry currently confused on this.
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I have already trimmed down AmigaOS 3.9 to boot of a stock A1200, and have about 1MB of free memory. It requires you to manage basic CLI commands and will work if it is a clean AmigaOS install:

1.From the Amiga early startup menu choose to boot without startup sequence
2.Go to WBStartup folder and create a "DISABLED" folder
3.Move the entire contents of the WBStartup folder to the folder DISABLED
4.Rename SYSevs/AmigaOS Rom Update to AmigaOS Rom Update.bak
5.Go to SYS:Prefs/Env-Archive/Sys and copy everything from there to some temporary drawer, like SYS:T
6.Now from SYS:Prefs/Env-Archive/Sys delete everything except the following files:
7. Reboot your Amiga. Workbench will be now loaded
8.Now you need to customize Workbench. Every desition in activating a program or enabling rom modules will come at a cost memory-wise. So be careful and just enable what you need (scsi.device like thomas said) and do not get greedy

PS: Just tested this tweak under WinUAE on an A1200 with kickstart 3.1 and AmigaOS 3.9 with BoingBags 1 and 2 installed, and I got 1.435.408 bytes free on the titlebar. So plenty of ram to just enable the scsi.device from the AmigaOS Rom Update or from a splitted module.

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