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No emergency music in Alien Breed SE '92

On Alien Breed Special Edition '92, on the second level after completing the objectives (blowing up the 4 domes) an emergency alarm sounds that the player has to reach the deck lift before 60 seconds and the screen flashes red. There is supposed to be music playing whilst in in this emergency mode but there is none in winuae (I remember from playing on my A600).

I'm not sure if this is an emulation issue. I've tried the following 3 versions and it happens on all of them (with a non cracked disk 2):

Alien Breed - Special Edition 92 (1992)(Team 17)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr FLT]  
Alien Breed - Special Edition 92 (1992)(Team 17)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr FLT][t +8 Backlash] 
Alien Breed - Special Edition 92 (1992)(Team 17)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr Ministry]  
I'm going to try the original and see if it works on that. (Using default A500 config on winuae 1.3.2)

Edit: I just tried the original version (non cracked) and it also does not have any music when she says 'Warning: Destruction Imminent'. I could have sworn there was music when I played it on my actual amiga.

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I can't say for sure - but I don't remember any music on that section. Just the emergency warning alarm going off and screen flashing red.. ?

(It's been a while )
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Music is in boss section if I remember correctly.
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Yes, I think the screen just goes dark red and the woman keeps saying "WARNING: Destruction Imminent". I remember because when the timer gets low it is spookily quiet, save for her periodic interruptions.

I hope she managed to escape before the deck level blew, I always liked her voice
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Evil grin

Ahem, err it looks like the music is in there - like 's2325' says it only comes on boss stages, I just heard it on Level 5 when I came across the boss. (had to use ALIENS ARE BENDERS cheat since the game is no walk in the park ) So everything's ok.
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