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Writing to a DOS-formatted disk seems to corrupt it big time


I've got this disk I'm using at the moment to transfer files between Amiga and PC. It's just a bog standard Sony DD double-sided 880k floppy from back in the day. For days I've been happily transfering files from PC to Amiga, but when I try to do it the other way round, it comes out majorly corrupted. When I mount or list directories, it is really slow, and when I try to view any file, it gives an I/O error. The Amiga won't even recognise it any more. High-level formatting fails; I have to low-level format it to get it back. After that it works fine until I write the file with an Amiga again.

AFFS-formatted disks work perfectly (though I have no way of testing those in a PC, they don't corrupt when I write to them).

Should I try formatting it as an old MS-DOS disk rather than vfat?

I wasn't sure whether this was hardware (my floppy) or software (crossDOS) messing up.

EDIT: I'll try formatting it using the Amiga itself, hold on...

EDIT2: That works. Does anyone know what's so special about the Amiga format that makes it work? Would formatting it as Atari fix it?

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