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Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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WinUAE 4.3.0

WinUAE 4.3.0 (19.12.2019) released. http://www.winuae.net/

New features/improvements:

- GUI high DPI support rewritten.
- Lagless vsync stability improvements.
- Added Trojan light gun preset to Game ports panel.
- On the fly chipset model switching compatibility improved.
- SPTI CD/DVD access mode now internally emulates all CD audio commands. All other commands are forwarded to the drive like previously.
- PCMCIA hot swap support improved. (PCMCIA SRAM and IDE needs to be set again if previously configured)
- My CPU tester detected edge cases, bugs and undocumented CPU behavior updates implemented. (More details in separate CPU tester note later)
- More compatible partition HDF default geometry calculation if size is 1000M or larger.
- CD32 pad does not anymore disable joystick second button if both CD32 and 2-button joystick is active simultaneously.
- Host directory/archive drag and drop to WinUAE window now supports mounting multiple items simultaneously.
- Debugger disassembler fixes and few very rarely used instructions dissemble now correctly.

Bugs fixed:

- Disk index pulses were not being generated when disk was being written (Cadaver v0.1 save disk writing)
- CDTV audio CD playing state restore fixed.
- A2024 monitor didn't show full viewable area.
- 24-bit uaegfx RTG mode had random wrong color pixels in some situations.
- nrg CD images didn't load correctly in relative path mode.
- Graphics glitch in some programs that also depended on display scaling/size (for example Alien Breed 3D)
- Disk swapper path modifications did nothing while emulation was running.
- Restoring CD32 or CDTV statefile with CD audio playing: start playing immediately, do not include normal CD audio start delays.
- Fixed possible crash when PPC emulation stopped emulated sound card audio.
- Quite special kind of CD32 pad button read code was not emulated correctly.

Other changes:

- Added separate 68000-68060 CPU tester/validator project based on UAE CPU core generator.
- Removed all 68020 cycle-exact CPU mode internal idle cycles. It mainly slowed down the CPU too much and didn't match real world well enough.

New emulated hardware:

- Archos Overdrive HD (PCMCIA IDE adapter)
- ICD Trifecta (A500 IDE/SCSI controller)
- M-Tec Mastercard (SCSI expansion for M-Tec T1230 A1200 accelerator)
- Scala MM dongles

and more.

[bug reports in this thread will be ignored.]
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Oh yeah!!!

The best Christmas present ever if you're an Amiga enthusiast.

I know I always say this, but thank you Master Wilen for all you continued 24 / 7 support 365 days a year.

WinUAE is without doubt the leading Amiga emulator; and it wouldn't be without someone as knowledgeable as you both hardware / software wise and the skills to bring this to Windows
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Old 20 December 2019, 22:17   #3
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thanks Tony!
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@Toni I'll make it short & sweet.

Thank you kindly sir.
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Old 20 December 2019, 22:54   #5
Ex nihilo nihil

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Thank you for the XMAS present Toni !!! Thank you
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Updated as I always do. Fantastic tireless work as always Toni
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Old 20 December 2019, 23:23   #8
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A better Christmas present than the normal shite I normally get, many thanks Toni ;-)
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Old 20 December 2019, 23:24   #9
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Awesome Toni, Merry Xmas to you
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Old 20 December 2019, 23:25   #10
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Simply amazing. I've been following winuae development ever since Brian King was the maintainer. I remember downloading 0.8.8 in 1999! I wonder how much of his code is still present after all those years.
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Old 20 December 2019, 23:44   #11
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Thank you Toni

Merry Xmas to you
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Old 21 December 2019, 01:36   #13
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Great stuff, thanks Toni , Merry Christmas.
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Toni, you forgot to mention one very awesome aesthetic change in the notes for v4.3.0, related to the "Boxart" panel...

The inclusion of the "configuration file" name; instead of just being "WinUAE"

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Old 21 December 2019, 02:15   #15
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Many Thanks!!
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Old 21 December 2019, 02:35   #16
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thank you
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Old 21 December 2019, 02:50   #17
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See here

People, if you appreciate Toni's continuous hard work... don't forget the Donate button on the official WinUAE website.
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Old 21 December 2019, 03:24   #18
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Thank you Toni once again for a great product!

I just realised something, for the x64 version (inside the .zip directory) there is only "winuae64.exe" and loading this seems to run WinUAE 64-bit on the fly. Is this meant to be the case as I do not know where it is storing the configs etc. The 32-bit version has the relevant folders inside already?
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Thank you so much Toni for all the hard work.
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Old 21 December 2019, 06:53   #20
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Thanks a lot Toni for this Christmas present!
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