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Feature request:numpad emulation

Hello, after a recent scuffle with the language selection screen in Ishar, I'd like to know if this is possible. Could a numpad emulator be included in the main WHDLoad program or would it have to be done for each individual slave? I guess the main program is intercepting keyboard anyway to detect quitkey etc or is this handled by the slave?

I imagine lots more A600 users with capable WHDload machines now since ACA630 came out. I can't be only one who wants to be able to look left or right whilst flying fighter jets

What d'ya think?
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I agree. I wonder if its possible to incorporate something like this http://aminet.net/util/boot/KPatch11.lha into a Whdload patch that needs a numeric keyboard.

Another option is to consider an Amiga USB solution: http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/...roducts_id=137

Then u can attach a commonly available numeric keypad:
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Kpatch is the one I found to work with Ishar, but not WHDload. I guess it might work with other semi-system friendly games like civilisation but probably not a game like interceptor. I don't think it can ever work with WHDload without special measures taken by developer or slave authors. Same goes double or thrice or more for USB devices I would think.

Ideally I would like to have customisable keypad substitutions for different games. Failing that, something like kpatch or npad would be great. One new option, say NUMPAD=1 or A600=1, sustitutes numeric keypad codes for the regular number keys plus a few others for the rest of the keypad, but only when caps lock is on, or some other modifier key is held down.

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I think this discussion is a bit nonsense. How playable will be a game with numpad emulation? Makes that sense?

technical regarding WHDLoad: usb is impossible, for other emulation very probably each install needs to be adjusted individually...
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Ah well, guess it was too much to hope for a one size fits all solution.

As for playability, well for example, Ishar part 1, cannot enter the game without numpad, completely playable after that, possibly this would be a relatively simple fix for the slave author. Or ATrain, I believe diagonal track building needs the numpad, not 100% sure though. A game like interceptor, yeah, an emulation is not ideal but the game would still be more playable than without.

But, since you don't seem interested, I'll try another tactic, I bet you can't
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