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Question New to FS-UAE on Mac OS Mavericks

Hello All, I am new to FS-UAE,which I am running on a Mac computer with OS X Mavericks.

I have downloaded v 2.4.1 an external HDD but there is still a FS-UAE folder in my Documents folder in Finder.

I used a guide that I found in YouTube to try installing WBClassic P96. I followed all instructions to install all the WB adf disc images, but when I got to workbench storage and I tried to install the iGame option FS-UAE seems to have crashed and the pointer can't select Install to continue with installation.

I tried resetting FS-UAE, but it now launches the workbench version in the harddisk, in black and white icons and screen. I tried deleting all found fs-uae files in my Mac, and I even re-installed FS-UAE again from scratch, but still I boot up to A4000 WBClassic, the incomplete installed version.

How can I resume installation from workbench storage.adf point?
or if I need to start all over again, how do I get rid of the first and damaged installation to start fresh?
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I figured out that the changes made during the installation are done to the hdf file used, in this case WB P96 hdf, so deleting that file and using a new one (downloaded), allows the installation again from scratch.

Unfortunately, every time I tried running the installation, I got stuck at the same point; when using the workbench3.1.storage.adf image. There is no way beyond that point to continues installation.

I'm inclined to think that is an incompatibility problem of fs-uae 2.4.1 and Mac OS X Mavericks. I'm not sure if someone else has experienced this issue or could replicate the same.

Fingers crossed waiting for an answer.

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Have you tried newest devel version? There has been lots of changes after latest stable.

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@Goingdown - Thank you for your help.
I used different WB images and I also downloaded a newer version of fs-uae (2.5.29), which worked this time.

I also noticed that in MacOS Mavericks you have to press the fn key plus the left mouse button to be able to select the "install" prompt.

So now WB P96 is installed in fs-uae. I'm using PAL Hih-Res Interlaced in a MacBook Air 11". I'm wondering if that's the best screen size and resolution that I can use in my case. I tried Supe High-Res but the icons and words get all distorted.
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