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Amiga Explorer 4.1 over TCP/IP

Hi chaps,

I have got Amiga Explorer 4.1 working between my Windows XP PC and 2MB A600 (using Miami / cnet.device and 10 MBit PCMCIA network card).

So far so good, but it transfers at about 6KB/s! LOL it took 20 mins to copy a 6MB file. I think a null modem cable should be quicker than that right!?

I have used the same PCMCIA card in my A1200 (which has more RAM etc with Miami / Samba) and I got 60 - 80K/s, so I know that the card / network can go faster.

I played about with the Amiga Explorer "Packet Size", but it didn't make much difference really.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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I'd guess that it's Miami. I use AE with Genesis (4096 packet size I think) and get much better speeds I'll see if I can get an accurate measurement but it takes only a few seconds for an ADF so I'd guess I'm getting in the 100kb/s+ range.

Edit: just noticed you said on your A600. In that case, I'd guess its probably at it's peak. The TCP/IP stack overhead on a 68000 is going to kill any performance. As an easy test use something like ncftp and see what kinds of speeds you see. For the A600 I'd just stick to the serial.
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Thanks for the information. I managed to get the transfer rate upto about 16K/s by having a MUCH bigger Packet Size of 10240 set.

I have been working on getting AmiTCP going instead of Miami, as Miami needs about 1300K and AmiTCP seems to need about 400K. I might be able to try FTP if I have some more RAM to play with LOL.

Like you said though it might just be a CPU issue. Yesterday, I zipped up a 16MB file using Winzip, it took about 1 second. After 20 mins of transferring the 6.5MB zip file to the A600 it took a further 15mins to Unzip! :eek Oh yeah and then the software needed Workbench 3 anyway
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Well I set up the AmiTCP 4 demo on the A600 (freeing up over 512K of RAM compared to Miami ).

Using a Packet size of 8192, I get 13K/s transfers with Amiga Explorer 4.1

However, using ncFTP (into my Linux Machine) I get ~ 78K/s

Edit: I also get ~ 76K/s using WAR FTP on Windows.

Hmm quite a difference!

This was copying 1 512K file.

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I just got done installing and running MiamiDX and Cnet driver on a 10/100 pcmcia network card (livewire ) with amiga explorer (I think its version 4) on my a1200 and its kinda slow (alot faster then serial but still slow). I havnt tried to change the packet size yet.

How do you save the settings in the miami configuration so I dont have to enter the setup each time I use it, or is that just for the regged version?
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