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Hooooo New legitimate arcade roms site


Not exactly free, of course. I read about it in the latest PC Gamer. Do you think this could be the way forward for arcade roms?
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I'd say it's a good thing offering emu stuff for download 100% legal on a pay basis.

People can download and play legitimate and the authors get money for it.

Problem with it could be that it gives the old manufacturers incentive to aggressively pursue free alternatives such as remakes of games.

I just hope they have a way of showing that you actually bought the rom. If the IDSA or whatever it's called come visiting and start throwing damages claims at you because you have roms lying around you actually bought then there'd really be a problem.
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StarRoms has been around for a few weeks now and has varying opinions in the MAME world. Personally, I'm 100% for it. Any opportunity that I can get to legalise x or y, I take.

Yesterday, StarRoms donated $500 to the MameWorld dumping fund, which if you don't already know is a fund set up to buy new PCBs AND/OR hardware for preserving. Link

As for the showing that you bought the ROM, when you buy a ROM, you have the option of requesting a receipt to be sent to you via e-mail.

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