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Stick out tongue VLab 1.3 and VHI Studio 6

doe anyone know if i could watch TV with a Vlab 1.3 (with a SVHS port) and VHI Studio 6 on a Workbench Screen? I want to use the card on a A4000d.

Where could i get the VHI Stucio 6 Software as Iospirit doesn`t sell it anymore?

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Maybe. I haven't tried it. Here's an old product description:

VHI Studio is a new software for basically all devices that can capture images. Building on the flexible VHI-driverconcept, VHI Studio enables you to use different image sources like Digicams, videoboards or webcams in a standardized and flexible way. Independant from the image source the following functionality is available:

Video capture
Just record a videoclip, cut it, render effects into it and save it to disk.

Still image grabbing
The "Snapshot Center" gives you the functionality to grab, rework and save pictures.

Picture download
VHI Studio can download, save, delete and optimize images from supported cameras. Furthermore you have the possibility to remotely let the camera take a picture.

Create your own webcam! Using VHI Studio this is no more a problem! VHI Studio can grab images, scale them and, thanks to the integrated FTP-client, upload them to your homepage-server. As VHI Studio uses VHI drivers it does not make any difference if you use a digicam, videoboard or a real webcam for capturing images. Never before could you use your hardware that flexible!

You can now create timelapse-animations with VHI Studio with just a few clicks. Thus VHI Studio grabs an image for you at a given time-interval, enumerates and saves it as JPEG to disk.

The integrated multichannel-preview can show up to nine channels (depending on the hardware used) simultanously.

Preview / watch TV on your Workbench®
Using the previewfunction and a videoboard, watching TV on your Workbench® is no longer a dream. Of course you can also adjust brightness and contrast. As a special bonus there´s also the optin to invert the colors.

virtual VHI0-drive
If you install the vhistdio-handler, you can access VHI Studio´s image data in main memory from any application.

many more useful functions, including:
native CPU-modules for 68K, PPC (PowerUP, WarpUP, MorphOS) and x86 (Amithlon)
direct Stargate-support for fxPAINT and possible integration into fxPAINT (V1.5 and later)
detailed settings allow an optimal adjustment of options to your needs
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You can do real time monitoring of a video feed with it but you will have to port the audio somewhere else to monitor it. Even on a fast Amiga, the resolution and quality isn't very good. You get a window with low resolution and jerky video.
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Ah, memories! I used VHIStudio and some ARexx to run a webcam back in the day. Clunky, but it worked, and the framerate was totally acceptable in a time of 56k dial-up
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