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Fred the Fop
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Bad Influence

Sadly, american TV really sucks. I mean, the 70's was the last era of quality and original programming, save for a few years into the 80's.
Now it stinks. And I noticed the best american TV shows have british origins. Or the shows have a heavy british influence, being that british culture is far superior. usually the american copies were horrid, bland and almost every time, dumbed down.
Anyway, here is one show I would liked to have seen.

Bad Influence!

Instead us Americans got garbage like Game Pro, a very lame and obvious industry dominated show with idiotic reviews and crap.
With the ever cool JD Roth. Ugly bastard.
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I completely agree that American TV is crap, but feel pity for me because some of the best things on TV here are actually American imported crap - e.g. Friends. I'm so glad I've got enough DVD's of my favourite TV series to pass the time.

Being overseas one of the few UK produced new programs I can see is Click Online, some computer show for non-geeks on BBC World. Maybe they show it on other BBC channels in the UK?

It's basically a web/technology news/problem-solving program so it doesn't have much games coverage in it. Anyone else watch this ?
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Bad Influence was quite good, it was shown when I was about 16 or 17 and had Amiga etc..

Click Online I have seen a couple times

I like the bravo Games prog (can't remember what it's called) and I also like the one on Sky One Gamezville the Guru guy is a right plonker but the GJ Sarah is mighty FIIINE!!!
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Gamezville is utter crap and aimed at what seems to be the under 5-12 age bracket!

Click Online is on BBC News 24 at 8:30pm on Saturdays, repeated at 1:30am Sunday morning (or saturday night from a TV perspective) and it's also on at 12:30am on Monday morning (Sunday night)

It's not that bad, but very limited in budget and is aimed at techno savvy adults. No games coverage though. It does have Kate Russell though who used to appear on the old [.tv] channel!!!! MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm.

For games, I quite like cybernet. No on screen presenters just footage of the games and it's sometimes quite honest in it's reviews. I also like reading Digitext on Teletext - Ch4 Page 375. Again, they are quite honest with their reviews as well.

Bravo has GamePad but they are just repeats as the moment and quite out of date. It's hosted by Violet Berlin who was also the host of Bad influence and it features more than just games.
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I get my gaming fix through Consolevania at the moment. Have a look if you like your gaming with a hardcore edge. (Had a great clip of Nigel Mansell on the Amiga, had me in hysterics!)
Bad Influence wasn't a patch on Gamesmaster for me.
Violet Berlin was alright, but Andy Crane just looked out of place.
Although there's a new series in production for Bravo I think with Dominik Diamond. I'm hoping it'll be a lot better than the current crop of televised game shows.
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