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Question Networking a CD32 with an SX32 expansion to a PC or Laptop.

I was wondering if it is possible & if anyone has actually done it?

The SX32 adds Parallel and Serial connections to the CD32, the Parallel will accept a 25pin male lead & the Serial accepts a 25pin female lead.
Does anyone know what lead I require to connect the 2 machines & where I can download the driver software to make the machines recognise/talk to each other? Essentially I want to back up my CD32's HD onto CD, then I don't have to re-install all my software from disk, if anything were to go wrong.
I have a selection of various leads but don't want to damage either machine by plugging them in without knowlege of what I am doing.
Thanks for any help.

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Ya' like it Retr0?
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heys ste-rye,

thats a nice lot of bold in that text

okies yep its possible but from experience its not easy.

firstly i must say i did this a very VERY long time ago. about 94/95 so here what i acheived

with a standard A1200 (virtualy identical to an expanded CD32) through using a null modem cable: (heres some info on the cable)

for pinout and a brief over view.

of course one must not forget this one (even amiga serial to bluetooth )

that should a little (pop the cable casings and check them against the diagrams in the last link)

now when i did mine all there was in software support were telnet / ftp based programs and the onlyway to get an IP for a network was to hack the wondows box (win 95) i am sure there was a respective hack for 98 when that came out too....

as to what is available now i am unsure, but its easy atleast to get an ftp service up.

another idea is to use a special parralell cable (slightly modded) as these can give you faster transfer (about floppy speed upto 64KB a sec on a fast amiga)

you can get these quite cheap from ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Amiga-to-PC-Ne...QQcmdZViewItem

anyways for more info you could look on aminet http://www.aminet.net/ to see what software is available for par / ser connections

hope it helps
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move.w #$4489,$dff07e
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A long time ago I used a tool called PC2Amiga (find it on the Aminet I expect) to backup my A1200 HD to my PC so I could replace the A1200 harddisk. You could use this with your setup but you would need a "null modem cable" to connect the 2 serial ports together.

But I'm sure other EAB members could recommend a better and faster way
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Years back, I got a pack containing a parallel cable and some software for Amiga/PC that let you move files between the two, it was useful in that it let you mount CDs in the pc as normal disks on the Amiga, which was great for accessing the contents of AF cover CDs on an unexpanded (other than hard drive) A1200. I think it was made (or at least the software and cable were packaged) by Weird Science, but I couldn't say for sure, IIRC I got it from the now sadly departed First computer centre in Leeds.

I also played with the Siamese remote Amiga system briefly, they did a demo version that only supported serial connection, and was hence almost useless, and also I seem to recall, not very stable.
I shall have to dig out the CD and a PC from somewhere and give it another shot, since I now have a reasonably fast serial interface.
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Thre is a vendor on ebay uk selling Amiga networking kits, that include (if memory serves me right) parallel and serial cables.
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