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Commodore Amiga WHDLoad JST WEBPAGE Update

Hi folks,

no not the November pack just yet... but a site to host them on instead!

It's in a WIP state at the moment as I put it together yesterday. Gotta thank woody for offering to host it and at such short notice!

The games update packs for October, September and August are available and the August demo pack (the latest one) is available, all directly from the site.

All the eDonkey links for every pack released so far are also on there in case you need them too (cheers for creating these and posting to EAB DeCreator, saved me a LOT of time)

Just take a look people, I'll try and keep it updated regularly and should have the November one up by the weekend.


Let me know if you have any problems/feedback at all.

KG Out.
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Old 23 November 2004, 20:34   #2
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Good news KG!
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Nice KG!

Is this part of that site we talked about? To host some goodies?
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Old 23 November 2004, 22:51   #4
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Nice page!!!!
Keep up the good works! And thank you for the time u spend to provide us with new packs!
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Old 24 November 2004, 09:02   #5
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Are there any plans to host the rest in a webspace somewhere? I don't think legal action is much of a concern with this stuff (is it?).

Unfortunately I recently had a stupid moment and deleted the directory where all my A-Z and early update packs were... slowly getting them back from friendly FTP servers which seem to be down right now
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Old 24 November 2004, 11:05   #6

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Wow, this is more than I expected!

Absolutely awesome – a BIG thanks to you KG once again for picking up from Decreators inspirational start. These packs are priceless. Thanks to Decreators generosity and your continued commitment, my A1200 is starting to max out its 1.2gig HD.

Respect to you too Woody for coming through with the hosting plan. It’s great you’re around to provide resources to EAB peeps. Thank you.

Rattus and anyone missing previous packs : Thanks to Magix, many games are hosted here so don't forget to pm him your gratitude!
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Old 25 November 2004, 09:47   #7
calm down do how.
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She did.
Originally Posted by Bloodwych
Rattus and anyone missing previous packs : Thanks to Magix, many games are hosted here so don't forget to pm him your gratitude!
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Good to see the world finally accepting that ED2K distrib is easier than webhosting for some poor sod!
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