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Question use SDL 1.2.13 with AmyDevCpp

Hi all

I am unable to compile an SDL program with the new m68k port of SDL (1.2.13)
and the m68k cross-compiler in AmyDevCpp 0.98. I am not very expert in installing
libraries in a gcc environment so I probably have made some mistake in the SDL
installation. To install SDL I just copied the contents of the include and the
lib libraries in the same directory under the gcc installation. I don't know
how to use the "m68k-amigaos-sdl-config" and the "sdl-config" files.

First problem (somewhat solved): the SDL configuration tries to load the standard
include intypes.h and stdint.h, but those are not provided by the m68k cross-compiler.
(they are provided for the other cross-compiler and for the win32 compiler).
This is a fault of the cross-compiler in my opinion. For now I solved by changing
"SDL_config_amigaos.h" to force not to load those includes, but I would prefer,
if possible, to add the missing include file to the cross-compiler install.

The second, fatal problem I have is a couple of Linker Error:
undefined reference to '_kprintf' and
undefined reference to '_ix_CreateChildData'

my linker parameters are:
-noixemul -lSDL -lgl_dummy

should I link some other library? Which one?

Please note that I successfully compiled the program with the following

1) gcc for windows provided by AmyDevCpp + SDL 1.2.13
2) gcc for Amiga m68k provided by AmyDevCpp + the old SDL 1.2.6
3) gcc for MacOSX provided by XCode + SDL 1.2.13

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1) Copy sdl-config to m68k-amigaos/bin folder, change prefix to /usr/local/amiga/m68k-amigaos.
Intypes.h and stdint.h are supplied with Gcc 4.3.2 compiler which can be found on amiga.sourceforge.net .

2) Link with -ldebug for _kprintf.
Remove -noixemul for _ix_CreateChildData or change -lSDL to -lSDL_libnix.

What are you compiling?
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Old 13 August 2009, 11:24   #3
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tnx arti!

is it posible to install gcc 4.xxx over the gcc 3.xx that comes with AmyDevCpp?

For now I am just compiling my own exercises
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Yes, it works.

Simply copy all files to apropriate paths.
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